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5/10/13 10:20 P

The best way into running is through a Couch to 5K plan.

Rather than running continuously, these plans work through progressively increasing intervals of running and walking. This gives you leg muscles and tendons the time to adjust to the stresses and impact of running.

Also, it is generally recommended that rookie runners (those with less than 6 months running experience) run just 3 times per week, to allow their legs to recover and get stronger. It is fine to cross train with other lower impact cardio on non-running days.


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5/10/13 12:52 P

Thank you!
Even though I'm not deliberatly trying to fit in as much cardio as possible, I'm just doing it because I love it, I will take your advice.
Thanks again :D

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5/10/13 12:33 P

Based on that information, I probably wouldn't start with such a heavy schedule. Cardio 3-4 times a week and strength training 2-3 times a week would be great right now, and then maybe you can slowly increase the cardio to 4-5 days per week as you become more fit. The quality of your workout is more important than the quantity, so as long as you're challenging yourself, that matters more than doing as much time as possible.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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5/10/13 10:47 A

I have been running for 1 month after a 8 year break. I started by doing just short runs around the block and increasing slowly.
As for strength training, I actually just started. I was so convinced that you couldn't do a correct workout at home without gym-equipment, but have now bought some dumbbells and stability ball.

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5/10/13 10:41 A

I think that routine can be okay if you've slowly built up to that level. How long have you been exercising regularly, and what kinds of activities have you been doing?

Coach Jen

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5/10/13 10:08 A

This generally sounds fine - 48 hours rest between ST sessions, and one rest day every week or so.

However, you probably want to ease back on the cardio intensity on ST days - it is hard to get the full benefit out of both on the same day.

Make sure you update your Exercise Goals to reflect this level of activity, as it is important to eat appropriate to your needs.


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5/10/13 9:40 A

I started doing a combined workout routine about a month ago doing both of these! Monday I do a shorter but intense cardio with ST. Tuesday/Thursday I do longer cardio, and Weds/Fri I do ST. Saturday/Sunday alternate my day off depending on my work schedule/weekend plans. My workouts are a combo of Chalene Johnson's Turbo Fire and ChaLEAN Extreme, so the ST days are about 35min sessions and the cardio ranges from 20-50mins.

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5/10/13 7:51 A

I want to do Cardio 6-7 days and every other day add strength training.
Is this too much? Or wrong? I intend to listen to my body (like today I've got a fever and flu-like symtoms so no exercise)
It's nt about losing weight, I actually feel extremely good when I run. I feel "sexy" even without losing a pound when I run!

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