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Cardio and aerobic?

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Posts: 777
5/13/13 8:34 P

Thanks, the aerobic workout seemed to involve a lot more moving eg. jogging on the spot, stepping side to side, squats etc. the cardio workout used weights and different exercises with those so I wasn't sure (different to the strength workout though)

Posts: 6,409
5/13/13 8:30 P

Aerobic means with oxygen, you are capable of replacing the oxygen you need during the workout. Any workout that allows you to repllace the oxygen as you use it is aerobic regardless of what it is. The term Aerobics was created in the 1980s by Kenneth Cooper M.D. who posited in error that all you need to do to get fit was aerobic exercise so that was the name tagged on those workouts.

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5/13/13 7:26 P

Aerobic is the old term for cardiopulmonary exercise which gives you heart and lungs a good work out for a sustained period. The impact can vary.

Posts: 55,490
5/13/13 7:13 P

Those terms are used interchangeably, so I would think the two workouts are the same thing.

Coach Jen

Posts: 777
5/13/13 7:06 P

What is the difference between the two workouts if one is low impact cardio and the other low impact aerobic?


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