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2/8/12 1:16 P

Don't feel guilty... you are giving your body what it needs :)

Like I said... I finally gave into eating at the top of my range... and I have lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks after a little/no move on the scale for well over a month. I could not understand how eating more could help me lose, but it works. Give in!!

And remember, eating more doesn't mean you have to eat junk. Watch your protein intake... make sure you are eating well at the top of that range (hello, steak!! or your preffered protein source). I make sure to always have a protein bar or a glass of chocolate milk within an hour after my workouts!!

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2/8/12 12:53 P

Yes, OMG yes!! You're starving.

Spark will give you that low range because it doesn't stop you setting a fast weight loss goal. Even getting it up to 1360 indicates to me you probably still have your goal date too close for realistc slow weight loss of someone only looking to lose the last few pounds. But baby steps - maybe you'll get closer to eating like maintenance the closer you get.

Just because you *can* set a goal of 2lb/week doesn't mean you *should*.

You should attempt to work on some mental attitudes. Even with a range of 1200-1550 you should NOT feel guilty about 1300-1400. That's in the range. You are entirely welcome to eat up to 1550 and still be healthful and probably still meet your goals. And now your range is even higher than that!

I would definitely eat more today, and start looking at building up to eating around 1700 daily on average. That would still generate weight loss in you but mbe much closer to what your body needs right now.

You need to do the maths. Google "bmr calculator" and get your BMR. Multiply by 1.2, then add an averaged daily calorie burn from exercise from your weekly total. That's the figure your body needs to maintain. You should be eating about 200-300 calories less than that, but no lower than that.

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2/8/12 10:03 A

Yesterday I did 750 burned calories of cardio (according to Spark People) and I only had 1300 calories for the day so I think maybe on a high cardio day like that I should intake more

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2/8/12 9:47 A

Don't feel bad about that at all. You'd be fine to eat towards the upper end of that range sometimes too. Don't feel like you always have to stick to the lower end.

Coach Jen

2/8/12 9:44 A

Coach Jen

They went up to 1360 which is what I usually average a day anyway
I try to stick to 1200 but usually go to 1300-1400 and feel bad about it

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,445
2/8/12 9:19 A

Whenver you set an aggressive weight loss goal (closer to 2 lbs per week) it's going to take a very large change in calories burned to increase your calorie range. Based on your ticker, I think your goal might be too aggressive. I'd aim for 1/2-1 lb per week, and if you change your goals to reflect that, your range is very likely to go up.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

2/8/12 7:34 A


Then why does Sparkpeople give me that range?
I am hoping to lose at least another 5-10 lbs by April 1st so I guess I need to have such a deficet in calories?
I am really not a professional at any of this, so you guys are helping me so much!

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2/8/12 3:36 A

If you're always feeling hungry, there is your answer. No, it's not enough food for you.

At your weight you should be eating what it takes to maintain your weight given your high exercise level, minus about 100-200 calories per day. You should do the maths yourself, but your daily maintenance level could be more like 1800-2300 depending on weekly total exercise. That means you are already eating probably 500-600 or more calories per day less than you *should* for weight loss.

Undereating stalls weight loss and can be harmful to your body. You must 'fuel the machine'. If you want to save money on petrol, don't put less petrol in your tank - just be more economical about how you use your car. If you (as a person very close to ideal weight) want to lose a little bit more, don't eat massive amounts less than you need - just eat a little tiny bit less than you need - the weight will come off by itself and you won't feel hungry or deprived.

Also, it makes transitioning to actually maintaining your weight much easier. What will YOU do when you get there if you're eating 1200 now? Would you suddenly start eating 1900 calories per day the next week? A big increase like that all at once isn't healthy. But what is your maintenance range? How will you know? If you've slid slowly up towards it now and you're only eating a tad under it, receiving slow weight loss, you know *exactly* what it will take to keep that healthy weight when you get there with absolutely no experimentation or sudden increases in food supply.

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2/7/12 3:45 P

It is absolutely NOT enough to eat burning that much!! I would eat at the top of the range SP gives you!! You need enough to fuel your body!! Add another snack to your day :)

2/7/12 3:11 P

I guess my only other question is... is 1200 cals a day enough for burning that many? I always feel so hungry

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2/7/12 1:42 P

Check out craigslist and ebay. You can sometimes pick them up second hand for a good price. Make sure you get one that tells you calories burned (some cheaper models only tell you heart rate) and also has a chest strap.

2/7/12 1:31 P

Thank you Unident! I appreciate the info
And I guess I really shouldn't second guess the system
I wish I could invest in a heart rate monitor but not right now
I guess I will just have to trust the system

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/7/12 12:55 P

Generally speaking, most people tend to burn about 100cal/mile when walking. So let's say 300 for that 5k walk (3miles).

Turbo Fire a bit more difficult. How intense is it? You don't weigh a lot, so you're not lugging around a big heavy body doing these things, so you would burn less than me, for example. It can be very variable, but I would guess somewhere between 400-500 an hour. For an hour and a half then, say about 650...?

So yes, the 1,000 was actually VERY realistic. you should not be self-reducing just because you don't think that can be right. You should either invest in a heart rate monitor, or start trusting in the system's figures.

2/7/12 7:57 A

Well I guess 300 is something I assumed
On Sunday (first day of tracking this week) I did a 5 k walk and TurboFire for 30 mins
And Monday I did TurboFire for 55 minutes so that was all I tracked when it said 1050 calories or something like that. I just assumed that these calories burned seemed a little high for a walk and turbo jam
I don't have a heart rate monitor so I can't be sure.
Any advice is appreciated.

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2/7/12 12:57 A

I have to ask that too. If the "things that you're tracking" add up to 1,000, how do you know that 300 is more realistic? Where did you get both sets of numbers?

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2/6/12 8:20 P

1000 calories per day sounds like a lot of calories per day. You mention that it may be a little off - how did you come up with this number?


2/6/12 3:03 P

Thanks Jen that sorted it out I was excited though I had more calories, oops

2/6/12 2:59 P

Oh Jen I haden't even noticed cause mentally I changed my own goal lol

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,445
2/6/12 1:44 P

You've pretty much reached your weight loss goal based on your ticker, so the system is probably giving you a calorie range that's going to help you maintain (or lose the last few pounds very slowly) based on how much exercise you're doing.

Coach Jen

2/6/12 12:56 P

So I just noticed my tracker is saying I burned 1000 cals since yesterday, I know this is highly a little inaccurate however I noticed a spot in exercise goals that says if you know how many calories you burn a week intake it. I am safe to say 2000 I think since Sun & Monday was 1000 and if that was in accurate I average probably 300 a day...this being said when I input the 2000 in the exercise goals my calorie intake went from 1200min/day-1650min/day! This seems high, I know I am supposed to eat enough for the cardio I am doing however for a month I have been staying right around 1300-1400 everyday. Am I undereating?

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