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1/29/11 12:40 P

Thanks for all the advice. I am also looking for something I can do at the gym with the machines and weights, any suggestions?

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1/29/11 12:20 P

Thanks everyone! I am also looking for something to do at the gym with the machines and free weights as well. Any other suggestions?

KTRIBE808 Posts: 1,570
1/29/11 12:12 P

Gin Miller has an awesome one called Simply Circuit. The there is her old Reebok Circuit Challenge. Both are very good!

COLLOMR Posts: 2,278
1/29/11 9:24 A

I think it is a VERY effective means of training and weight loss. The FIRM videos have combined cardio, weight training and intervals for years, Jillian Michaels uses this style (though somewhat differently). Kettlebell workouts are a combination of cardio and strength.

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1/29/11 9:06 A

As one pp said you can do your cardio and strength at the same time by super setting. This means not stopping between reps but switching to another exercise. For instance you could do 1 set of bicep curls followed by squats. It really gets your heart rate going. Another way to do it is to combine strength moves like lunges with overhead dumbell shoulder press. I think this is called a full body movement as it workes muscles from all parts of your body. These are a lot tougher than it sounds though as it really gets your blood pumping.

For HIIT, these are not traditional strength / cardio routines. It is cardio with bursts of high intensity (hence the interval part of it). For a good example of how this can be done back to back to get a cardio and strength workout I suggest having a look at This woman does insane HIIT workouts that do strength and cardio all in less than 30 mins.

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1/29/11 6:58 A


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1/29/11 6:18 A

Like the others who have answered, I mix up cardio and strength training. I usually start with 30 - 45 minutes on my recumbent bike, then do my weight workout and end with 30 - 45 minutes on the treadmill.
When the weather improves, I will move my cardio outdoors and get back to riding my "real" bike. That usually extends the length of time I ride.

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1/28/11 11:29 P

I combine cardio and strength training twice a week. I use the elliptical machine for 22:30 minutes, then lift with 5 upper body machines, 2 sets of 12 reps each, then another 22:30 minutes on the elliptical. That gives me 45 total cardio minutes and around 20-25 minutes on the strength machines. emoticon emoticon

FARM_GIRL07 Posts: 94
1/28/11 10:22 P

I am having the same or similar question. I usually do 30 mins of cardio interval training to burn the most fat, then I do my 20-30 mins of strength training. I don't rest between sets, I do a different exercise. For ex I do 10 reps of deltiod raise and then do skull crushers, then back to the deltiod etc. Is this good? Or should I be doing ST first, then cardio, or mix it up? Someone help???

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1/28/11 9:57 P

I don't know if it is more effective, but to do this you have to have some sort of level of cardio condition or it's hard to keep it..
I do 4 sets of most stuff and do a couple of laps of my gym workout area as rest then on to the next or just plain superset with no rest at all other than to change weight and exercise..
But I have been doing this for some years- many beginners may find it tough to bang it out this way.. If fit already, a rest between sets doesn't mean I sit on my butt waiting..
I have a pedometer and get some km's in this way.. No two people will give you the same answers.. I can afford little or no rest, as am only working each major body part once a week.. I am always doing my exercise on fresh muscles, I couldn't do this 3 times a week with full body workouts..

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1/28/11 9:44 P

I have heard some talk about combining cardio, strength, and interval training for the most effective weight loss workout. Anyone out there had experience with doing this and what is your routine?

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