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12/4/13 8:57 P

I recommend taking it slow-

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12/4/13 8:56 P

That I have agreed to do with my PCP. However, walking has not been restricted and am holding myself to 2000 steps per day this week and 3000 next week that will get me to my appointment with the Cardiologist. Hopefully the rest will come later.

Thanks and have a great Holiday Season.


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12/2/13 6:12 A

Hi Michele

I'm not sure what kind of medical issue you had, but your best bet is to get in touch with your doctor and ask for specifics about what kinds of exercises are okay to try and what you should avoid.

Best of luck!

Coach Jen

MICHELE142 SparkPoints: (229,666)
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12/2/13 12:54 A

Need help to follow discharge instructions at least for the next two weeks, when I see the Cardiologist. Just 3 - 5 mins three times a week. I am still (shake-up) and fuzzy on many things as of right now. Any help or Tips are appreciated.

Michele142 emoticon

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