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4/25/13 6:31 A

i recommend the quick fit system with gilad. i've been working out with bodies in motion with gilad going on 25 yrs and he is wonderful. if you have directv his show is on the health channel. he has always kept me motivated. i have tried other dvds and even walking programs but i always come back to gilad. you can buy his system on his web site or borrow from the library

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4/24/13 8:13 P

The question remains, "How much cardio?"

Because, if you want/need a lot of cardio, you may want to go to a stylized form of dance exercise--you can get the cardio you need while still getting toning at the arms and core in SharQui - The Bellydance Workout dvd, which is what I use and love.

And this recommendation comes from someone who gets loads of cardio with my own sequences and from the fairly frequent Masala Bhangra Workout class ...

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4/24/13 2:53 P

If you have cable, check your On Demand channel. There are lots of fitness programs available, most of them free.

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4/24/13 2:06 P

I work from home and use my "lunch" break to workout. I have Jillian Michaels 30day Shred and Jackie Warner Circuit training dvd that I have been switching between, But they are mostly strength training. I need a dvd that has some cardio. Any suggestions?

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