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2/6/14 3:36 P

It totally depends on your body and how sensitive you are to carbs. The only way that you can find that out is to track carefully and watch what happens. Some people do not need to restrict much in order to lose weight. Lots of people can lose weight by eating at the lower end of their Spark-recommended range.

For a long time, 100-125 G/day seemed to be a good range for me. Now that I am getting closer to my goal, that doesn't cut it any more, so I am aiming for 50-70 at this point. It is possible to eat a healthy, satisfying diet in this range, but it take a lot of work.

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2/6/14 1:26 P

I agree, there is no magic number. I eat pretty much grain free but still usually get in over 100 a day. Just see how many works for YOU.

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2/6/14 12:35 P

I eat double and triple the amount of carbs and I am losing weight. You just have to play around with the amount that you eat.

Some people do really well on low and lower carb. That diet turns me a really mean and hungry person.

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Carbs don't have to be the enemy, and are typically an important part of a healthy and balanced diet. It's just important to be sure yours are coming from healthy sources (whole grains) instead of refined sources (like white flour). Have you tried eating in the calorie and nutrient ranges your SparkPeople program suggests? That would probably be a great place to start.

Coach Jen

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2/6/14 9:57 A

You can eat as many carbs as you are able to have while losing weight. If that is 250 grams, then eat that many. There is no magic number. Focus on the quality of the carbs, and adjust the quantity according to how fast you are losing. Most people can eat more than 50 grams a day, and lose. That is a very low number, even among low carb dieters.

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2/6/14 9:03 A

Hi I just started watching what we eat and have cut back to around 50 carbs a day with exercise and my question is how many carbs should I be eating to lose weight? Can I eat more than 50 ? I have googled this question and found so many different answers. Any comments would be great! Thanks

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