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SUNFLOWER862 Posts: 26
5/10/13 10:13 A

You're right, Russell_39. My ultimate goal is weight loss. Focus, focus, focus!


RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/9/13 7:10 P

make any changes you want after pre-planning, but don't make a lot of changes if you are losing. Weight loss is the goal, not the perfect diet.

SUNFLOWER862 Posts: 26
5/9/13 3:14 P

Thanks for the input, everyone! I will just continue what I'm doing & check the ratios periodically & over a time frame. Good advice!!


LITTLELAURA74 SparkPoints: (8,018)
Fitness Minutes: (12,017)
Posts: 17
5/9/13 7:51 A

Also remember that your ranges/percentages will even out over longer periods of time. Looking at your intakes over two weeks or a month will give you a better picture of your true macronutrient intake. After all, we don't usually eat the exact same meals week after week. Variety is the key!

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 25,948
5/9/13 7:31 A

I would also go with the ranges, rather than the percentages. The Pie Chart is only a guide and easy to see at a glance.


UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
5/9/13 1:12 A

Yeah, just pre-plan your day, check the pie chart, and see if you want to change anything.

Mid range of everything isn't necessarily going to give the right percentages.

I think it's more important to worry about the ranges than the percents though. It's not likely you'll be way off and remember even that pie chart was made from broad percent goals (eg Carbs at 50% is actually something along the lines of 40-60%, so if you're getting say 57% carbs all the time, that's still within a healthy guideline).

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,662
5/8/13 10:36 P

I have done this....fill out my 3 meals, then look at the percentages and decide what kind of snacks would increase the low category. For instance, if I see the proteins are low for that day, I might have some Greek yogurt of string cheese for a snack, if low in fats, maybe some nuts or peanut butter. That's great you are aiming for a balanced nutrition, so keep up the good work.

SUNFLOWER862 Posts: 26
5/8/13 10:23 P

I try to keep my carbs, fats & proteins near the lower to mid-mark for the recommended number of calories in each category. I thought that way I would have the correct %-ages for said categories. My percentages are typically coming up heavy in carbs & light in proteins & fats. Yet, I'm meeting the recommended guidelines for the caloric numbers in those sections. Any ideas how to correct this without having to plan every single bite of food? Help, please!!

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