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PFITZ2100 Posts: 3
1/29/13 6:30 P

Russell, Well said and thank you! Wish I could remember where I read that 50g of Carbs a
day to lose weight....boy was I off the mark! ;)

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/29/13 6:24 P

Low carb is hardly a fad diet. Low fat was introduced in the 1970's and if any diet is a fad diet, that is the one. Low carb has been used for centuries.

I started Atkins because I am a heart patient, and I get my kidney function tested every 3 months... no change at all in 4 years.

The winner of the 2012 Western States 100 ultramarathon is a low carber. Tim Olson. I think a 100 mile race is " a lot of sports ".

That being said. I can't think of any diet saying you must eat below 50g a day to lose weight. Atkins starts at 20 NET carbs, but that is closer to 30-35 total carbs, and after Induction moves that up. Many people on low carb end up over 100g of carbs a day on maintenance. The goal of low carb is to clean up the kinds of carbs we eat, not stay at a low intake of them. If people can lose weight at 150 g a day, that is awesome for them. Some people lose at 250 g, others must stay at 75 g a day. There is no set number that works for everyone.

I personally eat around 50 g a day, but I hope to get closer to 80 grams a day by the time I hit GW. There are plenty of healthy carbs that we can eat, and enjoy. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheeses, and beans can get you to 50 grams quite easily, but I doubt most people would think of them as bad food. So the type of carbs you eat is just as important as the quantity for most people.

Also most of the people on this site are not low carbers. SP is providing a forum for over 5 million, I believe. They advocate a diet that is believed to help the majority of people. They don't push Veganism either, but they allow teams, and discussion to happen here.There are many low carb teams available. Just do a search.

PFITZ2100 Posts: 3
1/29/13 6:03 P

Everyone who responded, and so quickly, thank you!!

I too like to limit the types of Carbs I eat and do think that is a healthy approach. And I am aware that SPARK is not a low carb website, I never thought it was. I eat beans and lentils as well as rye crackers and bread. Low carb is not necessarily an unbalanced diet. Diabetics eat low carb and theirs is a very healthy approach to dieting...not a fad at all.

Many of the SPARK recipes I find have a very high carb content and when introducing 'us' to new products, SPARK seems to concentrate mainly on Calories and Fats. We need to do that but throw in the Carbs for good measure as well!!

Again, thank you to all who responded. ;)

HAPPENINGFISH SparkPoints: (0)
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1/29/13 5:11 P

The reason is primarily because low-carb is basically a fad diet, too.

I have to say I've done low-carb and it worked incredibly well, but it's not very kind on your kidneys and system in general for any kind of long-term use, and if you end up doing a lot of sports, 50g a day is not sustainable.

Having said that I will admit that I really limit the kinds of carbs I eat. I've cut out most wheat-based carbs and refined sugars, and I really do find that helps with weight loss. But I keep in oatmeal, muesli, lentils, veggies and fruits, grains and the like.

1/29/13 4:32 P

50 grams of carbohydrate for weight loss is "not" a research based weight loss intervention.
In fact, most people should have at least 45% of their calories coming from carbs. A lower limit for many is 130 grams.

Please select the recipes that fit with your weight loss approach and the guidelines set by your doctor or dietitian

SP Dietitian Becky

CHRISTINA791 SparkPoints: (69,497)
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1/29/13 4:28 P

Spark is not a low carb website. There are plenty of people here who follow lower carb diets (just as there are people who follow vegan or vegetarian diets, glutan free, etc), but overall Spark promotes a moderate, balanced diet.

It's perfectly possible to lose weight while eating above 50g of carbs per day. Some people might find they have more success going lower carb, but it's by no means universal. What I like most about this site is that it gives you the flexibility to find a (reasonable) eating plan that will work for you. It's not about banning certain foods or forcing others on you - it's about giving you what you need to learn what will work best for you and the tools to follow through with it.

PFITZ2100 Posts: 3
1/29/13 4:16 P

What concerns me about most of the SPARK recipes is that you seem to be primarily focused on Calories and Fat and not considering the Carb content as a major factor in the weight loss arena. As I understand it, to lose weight, you should not consume more than 50g of Carbs per day. A great many of your recipes are loaded with Carbs. In addition, the ratio of Protein and Fiber to the Carbs is generally very low, so the net Carbs ingested is quite high.

Is there a reason Spark does not equally concentrate on the Carb values as much as they do Calories and Fats?

Thank you for your assistance!!

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