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1/18/14 12:12 A

I think I have to agree with Russell here--I enjoy salt, I occasionally crave carbs, but they don't really go together for me, at least not anymore.

I have ridiculously low blood pressure, so I go ahead and salt my food as much as I like. I don't go hog wild, but since it isn't a health concern for me, I'm not super careful either.

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1/17/14 3:14 P

I find that having divided up my diet, and testing how each food makes me feel, that I don't actually have salty carb cravings. I have salt cravings, and I have carb cravings. I eat the salt , and cut out the carbs. The problem is that salty carbs are junk food, and what I really wanted was more salt. So I sprinkle some salt on a plate, and stick 6 halves of HB eggs in, and eat some salty eggs, or have macadamia nuts

When I have carb cravings, it is because I was stupid, and ate some carbs that cause cravings, like bread, potatoes, or pasta. I don't even really like these foods, but they go and add macaroni to cheese, which I love.It happens. By simply avoiding these foods, I avoid any cravings whatsoever.

I would even argue that they aren't carb cravings. If they are carb cravings, have some green beans. two cups of those are certainly plenty of carbs, right? In reality, we are craving the actual food, not " salty carbs " If it is salt, add salt to the beans.

You probably still want that popcorn, or more likely Doritos. If so, stop and ask yourself if you still believe it is salt, and carbs that you want. If it is the popcorn/Doritos, then they may be a problem for you.

At the very least, test this idea out. Find out what you are actually craving.

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1/17/14 1:22 P

Carbs create craving for me.
Pork rinds, a thing I used to think were indescribably gross, are actually good! I put cheese dip or nut butter on them... or just straight up. Nice and crispy. No, they're not potato chips! But they also don't have any carbs, and they satisfy my crispy-and-salty (-ish) longings.

Those little dill picklepacks are good, too!
How about some hard-boiled eggs with some salt? I use Himalayan, or at least some version of mined salt. We go through tons of eggs here - and, while they're not crispy (I hope!), they have sufficient fat to quell the snackies.

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1/17/14 10:39 A

Have some and track it.

1/17/14 10:08 A

I have had to increase my sodium intake on doctor's orders, and have found that having just salty carbs leaves me insatiable. I will literally find myself standing by the fridge with my mouth watering, even when I know I'm not truly hungry.

What I have found that works is to immediately follow the salty carb with some fat and protein - that seems to get the taste out of my mouth (just brushing my teeth didn't help) and convince my mind / body that I truly am satiated.

My favourite is to have some really crunchy baby dill pickles, followed by 1/2 oz of a really good, full fat, cheese (these days it's more often gruyere or havarti, but an aged sharp white cheddar works, too).

Maybe some combination like that would work for you, too.

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1/17/14 9:01 A

I give in also, but then I find I can't stop.

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1/17/14 8:50 A



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1/17/14 6:09 A

I eat olives or microwave potato chips if salty craving.

For sweet:homemade single serve healthy cookie made with banana,peanut butter instead f oil and eggs.

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1/17/14 6:07 A

I try to have a small salty snack that satisfies the craving while adding fiber and healty fats, like a small handful of whole-grain pretzels and dry-roasted nuts. I know nuts are fatty, but they're also full of protein and heart-healthy fats, and I don't go overboard on those.


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1/17/14 2:03 A

what do i do? i give in. i think this is better this way. the more i try to avoid the food that i really want, the more i eat foods that i dont really need

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1/17/14 1:27 A

Popcorn, usually. I get the 100 calorie microwave packs and eat that. Lots of fiber, crunchy and salty.

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1/16/14 11:01 P

I have some salty carbs.

Depends on how many calories I still have available for the day - anything from a snack pack of pretzels to some extra croutons on a salad. If I don't have *something*, then I'll fixate on this and overeat later.

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1/16/14 8:36 P

What do you do when you get a salty carb craving?

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