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You are MORE than welcome:-)

Below are a couple links that you may find helpful:]

Happy reading!


4/19/13 10:00 P

Thanks so much for the quick response! Intuitively, I kind of felt like that ratio wasnít the best fit for my body, but I was attracted by the fast weight loss claims (who isnít?). From my own experience, and after reading a lot of the success stories and message boards on this site, I think the moderate approach will be the most beneficial for me in the long run. Iím curious to see if increasing my carb intake will help with the fatigue Iíve been feeling lately - Iíll probably have to play around with it and see what fits best.

Thanks again for the advice and encouragement :)


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4/19/13 8:12 P

(i hadn't forgotten, just wanted it to stand out more because it is a fantastic achievement :-D


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4/19/13 8:10 P

Too much protein can actually be harmful to our health (renal problems including very painful kidney stones, amongst others).

The SP recommendations, altho' not set in stone, are a very good middle of the road ratio to aim for. I am generally a little higher in my carbs (wholegrains and fruit/veges mainly) and hovering around 56-59%, a wee bit lower in my fat - generally around 20-22% (my dietitian wants me around 20% which for me is good because I am not keen on much fat, even from the healthy sources.) I do struggle sometimes to get the minimum (60g) protein in, but as I have a regular snack before bed, I often use that time for tweaking.

The thing is about the Insanity Diet Plan, from my understand it is saying you can loose 11kg (about 24lb) in 3 weeks. That can be downright dangerous, and actually cause you to regain loads and just as quickly, when you reach your goal ....... if in fact you reach it! Theses sorts of things (IMHO) ARE insane and best left alone!

Good luck with whatever you choose - hopefully the healthier way :-)

4/19/13 7:58 P

A friend of mine gave me the Insanity program a couple months ago, and I have picked it up and put it down many a time since. I had trouble committing myself daily to such an intense program while simultaneously working on cleaning up other aspects of my lifestyle (mainly quitting smoking and eating healthier). I have been almost 4 months cigarette-free and while my eating habits are somewhat inconsistent, my ďgood dayĒ streaks continue to grow. So, Iím recommitting myself to going through Insanity and plan to begin this coming Monday.

With that being said, Iíd like to be really clear about the structure of my diet in order to get the best results possible. The Insanity dietary recommendations are 40% carb/40% protein/20% fat. For me, that felt like a lot of protein (for my body and my wallet) and a little less fat than Iíd like - so Iíve been working with 40% carb/ 35% protein/ 25% fat ratio. Or trying to, at least. Sparkpeople recommends a higher carb ratio, and that is certainly more appealing to me as itís been difficult getting that much protein into my diet daily.

I was hoping to see what ratio many of you use in your diet plan, and how you went about choosing your numbers. Any feedback would be appreciated!!

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