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3/24/12 1:33 P

Saturday 3-24-12

Thank you I will look into that book.

Well it has been a week now and I am down 3 lbs, I did have a bad day... well WE my family had a bad day yesterday my Step MIL passed away, she was a wonderful, tuff lady that had been fight cancer for 11 years and she is now at peace and healthy as ever never to suffer again. Eating ended being fast food LATE at night I know it will catch up with me so right back on plan today,

JIBBIE49 Posts: 56,830
3/23/12 10:08 A

Read Gary Taubes' "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT" as he did five years of research.

3/22/12 7:15 P

The Carb Lovers Diet, it is based on resistance carbs. I have decided to try this since I CANNOT stay away from them on a low carb diet and end up gaining everything back + more. I actually started a couple of days ago and WOW my energy is way up! I haven't slept very well for the last 2 nights and it hasn't even bothered me and my mood is still GREAT!

We will see where this goes so far so good!

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