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9/1/13 9:12 A

Boy am I happy to find some support with this program. After 10 days on program, have lost 2 lbs, but because I weigh every morning my weight fluctuates so dramatically I sometimes find it quite depressing. I know, shouldn't weigh every day, but from past experience if I don't, the weight just goes up. It makes me aware of what I am eating, as I don't really trust myself and need the "scale's approval". I am a vegetarian, so find it extremely difficult to find proteins besides tofu, tempeh and TVP. Beans are a carb. and I used them quite a lot previously. I have also started using whey protein as a snack between meals. Does anyone have any suggestions?

LAMOURA Posts: 19,401
8/30/13 1:09 A

Whoa is this where everyone is?? AWESOME emoticon looks like i got lost!!

8/28/13 7:25 A

Yes, thanks PURAVIDA45 ! I will have to print this out and try to schedule things for when i start vs travel time. I dont mind snacking in the car because i am used to bringing my foods to work already. Its just that i have to split things up and the spacing and traveling was an issue. I dont have a problem drinking on the way to work which would be easiest for me anyway. Then i can start from there. I didnt know if i moved the schedule up a bit from waking would distrub the process or not. I want to try the turbo plan and see how that goes first for a kickstart. Once i get into the groove of it all, I am sure it will be ok. Its just setting up the scheduling and spacing etc. Once i start, Maybe we could help each other in the process.
Thanks so much for your help in answering this for me. I wish you luck in your journey!

PURAVIDA45 Posts: 15
8/28/13 6:48 A


1- CP says yes - every three hours is important. I've been doing it a while now and I can feel the difference in energy when I didn't get my meal or snack w/I 3 hrs. If you need to push it to 3.5 I think you'd be ok but you might see and adjust.

2- the rule about eating within half hour of waking has at least two noticeable benefits - it tells your metabolism to start working and it tells your body that you are awake. That may sound obvious but I've noticed on weekends when I want to sleep in an extra hour that I am literally ravenous - which is not good. If you push it to 45 mins or eat at 25 mins you will be fine - but if you make it a habit to eat 1hr or so after waking then your body will not start burning until then. Whenever you eat first thing just make sure it's not hours after you wake and that you eat every three hrs after that.

3- you can use some Hungry girl recipes like the egg mugs which might be great for you with your schedule? Note that you can only have cheese on low carb days and you must add a whole grain on high carb days such as a corn tortilla or Ezekiel bread. Many of the hungry girl recipes contain processed items in them so you should stay away from those as much as you can - eg instead of buying fruited yogurt, buy plain nonfat and add fruit that's fresh or frozen (not from jar or can that has syrup or rinse really well) and add stevia if you want - not Splenda or Equal or the pink stuff.

With your long days you may find you need to eat as my spouse does and add an extra snack 2-3 hrs after dinner or if dinner is going to be really late - add it before dinner. If its a late snack/meal - make it as light as possible: a protein shake (no carbs/fruit unless its HC day etc), a 1 oz turkey roll up (wrap it around a low fat but not fat free cheese stick or spread a laughing cow wedge 35 cals on it and roll for LC or wrap it in a 50/60 cal corn tortilla for HC days). If you find your weight loss slows or stalls - I would skip the carb in that 6th meal even on HC days and skip high cal fats like PB on LC days as your body may not process them well late. The rule about eating your last meal/snack 2-3 hrs before you go to bed still applies though! But it sounds like you would rather have this snack before you get in the car to drive home or on the ride home so you will have to plan and prepare that at home. There's a line of great products by Sistema (like a travel mug you can use to transport am egg mug or soup and then cook at office) and by Fit n Fresh (storage containers with fitted ice packs for carrying yogurt etc) - you can find them on Amazon and they really help! I have enough to prepare yogurts for a week and if its high carb day, I have the container that let's me separate the fiber one cereal portion from the yogurt so it's ready to go at work for a snack etc.
I hope this helps! I haven't lost what I think is a noticeable amount yet and I have had cheat meals but I feel so much better (esp w/o so much dairy) and people everywhere have commented that I look better and I think it's WHAt and How I'm eating because the loss isn't significant enough to notice YET!
Lastly maybe if you can - put a shake to be blended into the fridge the night before and drink it on the way to work if that helps that half hr window or drink it while you get dressed. I often make a choc shake w almond milk and add my coffee and it lasts longer (bigger) and I love it. Since you will eat your first meal by about 5:39/6, you will be ready for a snack/meal when you get to work around 8/8:30 which would be a great time to have your egg mugg or yogurt made depending what day it is...
Does that help?

8/27/13 9:41 P

I just bought the book choose to lose more (2nd book) and want to start the plan but have questions.

1) Do I really have to stick to eating exactly every three hours?
2) do I have to eat exactly within a half hour from waking?
3) can I use hungry girl recipes?

I ask these questions because I get up at 4:30-4:45am leaving the house between 5:30-5:45 and commute for a little over an hour. I get to work about 7-715 and start work at 8am.
I can manage eating or drinking my first meal but it's easier on way to work.

Second problem is if I start spacing my meals three hours apart, beginning at let's say 5-530 am, my fifth meal will be at 12 hours from the first at 5-530pm. At this time, I am still commuting home which can be a two hour venture. i sometimes don't get home till 530-6pm then i can prep dinner. I can't exactly time my meals as exactly as Chis Powell recommends in the book.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make this work when I start this plan?
I really want this to work for me and want this to be my last diet.
I really want to Follow this the way it is supposed to be to make it work.
Any help would be great!!!!!

JULES46561 Posts: 118
8/22/13 9:16 P

I really want to try this program. I got his book for free at the library but found it so difficult to understand that I never even gave it a try. I have just finished Dr. Fuhrman's Eat To Live Six week challenge program and only lost about 9 pounds. I was so disappointed that as soon as my six weeks was over (not cheating even one second) that I have been eating non stop for the last few days everything and anything. I've got to pull it in before I gain back the 9 pounds I lost. I am really tired tonight but tomorrow I'll come back and re-read some of these posts to see if someone can break it down simply for me. I'm not stupid......just a carb cycling dummy. hee hee Thanks everyone

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8/19/13 9:22 A

What video was on Skinny Girl - is that a site? The video name? Thanks

PURAVIDA45 Posts: 15
8/19/13 8:58 A

Hi Asage and all:
In his books, CP says he wants people not to focus on weighing and numbers so much and he wants us to use our hands as a gauge. Here's my take for what it's worth: all the recipes show measurements. If you follow his suggestions strictly as indicated for low carb or high carb days, and you do minimal exercise- even walk 10 mins, climb your stairs with laundry 3x, park farther from work/grocery store/etc - you WILL lose weight unless you already are at the low end of the appropriate weight for your height. If you are in the last 10-15lbs, you will need to step up the intensity or duration but intensity does more. I have 35 to lose.

I have googled everything I can on him and his recipes because I'm not very creative. I really like his blueprint because it gets us away from fat free fruited yogurts that are so processed or other such things that are low in points/calories. BUT if you need those items for convenience, I personally think you should use them once/twice a day while you adjust.

Bottom line: if you think it's a high calorie/high carb food - you should either avoid it, save it for a cheat meal or measure and track carefully or you won't be able to figure out how your body handles it.

My body is very slow burning so I actually do my base calorie allowance as 10 cals x my weight on low carb days and 11x wt on high carb days. And I aim to cut 500 and/or burn 500 cals each day from that base creating a calorie deficit. I do cardio a lot and need to work on more wt training stuff. My biggest problem has always been boredom, lack of consistency/planning, lack of moderation on vacation/cheat days/etc so that is what I am working on. It would be great if we can help each other with recipes or even full day sample meal plans that are different than in his books! I've bought three carb cycle recipe books and many of them use processed foods or allow for things Chris doesn't recommend. Anybody have other recipe suggestions -ESP breakfast?!

Check out his wife's link at for more recipes - even for kids ideas. Anyone have links to recipes?

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8/18/13 11:45 P

Hi everyone, I am halfway through Chris Powell's book and will be doing the carb cycling when I finish it. For now, I'm trying to gather as much info as I can on the program. Sounds like some of you are getting good results and others are not satisfied with your progress. Sounds about like any weight loss program. I'll give it a try and see how it goes. I've got ten pounds I'd like to lose and I seem to be stuck on the same weight no matter what I do. I'm hoping this program will make a difference in my weight loss.

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7/23/13 12:27 P

hi people..i started chris about a month ago..after being on the plan i took the fourth week as a slingshot as he says..hi carb days for the week ...then go back to cycle ..ive lost a few pounds with the plan. not as much as i would like BUT i feel good! which i cant say when i was following other plans.. i read chris first book and tho ppl say it was difficult to follow i liked it. does everyone have chris list of veggies carbs etc? this is a really easy plan.i dont count cals at all..all i watch are the portion sizes except on the free stuff he has listed so on lo carb days ill have a protein two veggies and a fat at each meal....on hi carb ill have a carb protein and maybe one or two veggies depending on how hungry..but no fat... now i remember in his book if u arent losing the way u want on hi carb days eliminate the carb from the last two meals..a thing he wanted to emphasize is we NEED TO EAT FIVE MEALS..why? cuz then we wont get the cals we if u are getting four thats good..but try for five and the only way is to start the first meal early which i know for some of us can be on lo carb day five meals will give you your 1200 or more and plenty on the hi carb. as far as following chris exercises i dont. i go to curves three times a week and on my off days i do my own thing with walking, weights whatever. on this plan i have been able to CHEAT. a cookie here or some ice cream there and it hasnt affected anything.i have found what DOESSS affect is SODIUM!!! thats rite! when im with my fam we eat differently and those foods have more sodium than what im used to so a couple days and water and i lose all of that WATER WEIGHT. sorry if this is so long but i wanted to share what im doing to maybe help anyone out ..if theres any questions i would be glad to help. if u want to send chris a message someone will anser u in a day or two. at this point im waiting for the library to send me chris new an afterthought on hi carb days u can have a yogurt with some protein powder mixed in..even tho yogurt is considered a protein if u look at the nutrion facts theres more carbs than i buy the light and fit that that 2x more protein . hope to hear from you about my input...thanx

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7/22/13 1:44 P

I half heartly started the program 5 weeks ago. I have lost 5.5 pounds :) . I can only imagine what will happen if I actually work the plan the way I am supposed to. I have started rereading the part about transformation again. Remotivated! He is right, I am choosing to make bad decisions and breaking promises to myself. I need to STOP!

thanks for giving the exact amout of protien and carbs for each day. I think that the best part of this plan, is that it is all "real food".

My only problem is remembering to eat every 3 hours and to take snacks with me when I go out.


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7/20/13 6:23 P

I recently bought both books in e-form. I get the calories- but is there a number that someone saw in either book- about the number of carbs we should stay within on high/low carb days? This would all be easier for me if I saw a weekly menu plan, I think. :-)

7/18/13 1:20 P

Just started this past Sunday. I found in the book there were some contradicitons but think i have the basics. I am female 5-3 , 51 years old. I need to lose about 15 more pounds. I have lost about 25.

If I understand this right it is pretty simple.

High carb breakfast every day before your shredders. (low, med, high).
Shapers added on low carb days.

Healthy carbs on high carb days. Low to no fat. stay within your calories for your burn. I am averaging about 1500 a day. Minimize fruit to early in the day and not more than 2 servings.

Low carb days. Avoid carbs. Those are the meat and veggie days. Put healthier fat choices in your diet. Lower your calories a bit on these days. I am averaging about 1200 a day.

My free day is Sunday. Which I will still try to stay healthy just not picky. Will probably have a few beers too.!

On the 4th week, all high carb.

I know I feel better. I was already eating healthy and exercising and jogging 4 days a week.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
7/16/13 1:07 P

I actually agree with PARISAPRIL1, My body naturally does this. Some days I eat pretty low carb for what the recommended intake is, but not what I would ever call low carb. (Still, under 100) and other days I am right at the recommended intake. I just listen to what my body seems to need in order to really keep at the right area. I'm sure it does work though, his successes with the people he works with are incredible.

SPATTEN2001 Posts: 1,077
7/16/13 10:39 A

Thanks for the posts ... going to look into this program

MOM2CJC Posts: 1
7/16/13 10:25 A


I am in my third week of following Chris Powell's Carb Cycling program. I have recently lost about thirty pounds with Take Shape For Life (Medifast) but quickly became tired of eating processed foods out of packets and want to get back to eating natural, whole foods. I feel better than I have in years, but I am a little perplexed with the scale right now.

Week 1 was a huge success - I lost 3.7 lbs in just the first 5 days. I was only able to work out on the first day and sprained my ankle, so I was pretty inactive the rest of the week. Week 2 I was back in action and continued my training for my 5k in September. I walked/ran 4 days, cross-trained on another day and threw in a lower body workout on one of those days. By the end of the week, I was up a pound from the week before. I am 2 days into week 3, with one workout under my belt and the scale hasn't budged.

I am drinking more than enough water (at least half my body weight in ounces) and completely on plan. I am logging all of my food to make sure that I am hitting my calorie target and not going into starvation mode. I am very conservative in my estimation of calories burned (i purposely set my weight lower than it actually is when calculating), but after logging everything in, I am still at a deficit for the day after I log in my exercise. Am I not eating enough?

Does anyone on this plan have any insight to share? I don't want to stop training for this 5k, as I have other races on the horizon that I have already registered for. Plus, I am really enjoying it (something I never thought I would say!) I still have about 25 lbs to lose and just need a little guidance.

Thanks so much!

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7/4/13 7:22 P

bought Chris's book a week ago and have been on the plan now for nearly a week. I am finding really difficult to determine just how many calories and grams of each macronutrient to eat on both low and high card cycles. What really confuses me is eating back workout calories which I don't see him address at all in the book.

I'm Male, 5'8, 34yrs old and weighing currently at 189

I would love it if someone with more experience on the plan could help me figure this out please. I'm very new to the carb-cycling method so I want to make sure I do it right.

Thanks everyone.

7/2/13 3:07 P

Confused.....On his web site it shows 3 different cycles with alternating days. I just watched a video on Skinny Girl (thank you Lamora for the link) and he talks and show containers to illustrate the concept, but he says Phase 1 and Phase 2 should be for 2 weeks, but his web site shows alternate days which is correct? I will buy the book, but funds are low right now. Thanks.

APPEALSTOME Posts: 7,473
6/21/13 6:59 A

I am so happy I found this group. I am having problems following this plan and losing weight. First day I started diet, I got it wrong. I did not eat a carb for breakfast since it was low carb day and had serious withdrawal. I went to bed early so I could get up early next morning and eat fruit with breakfast. Then, I realized I was suppose to eat a carb for breakfast daily. Eating correct breakfast certainly made difference.

I did manage to lose 2 lbs of water weight on low carb day, which I regained on high carb day. Right now I have not lost anything after two week on his diet.

Determining how many calories I need to eat daily is another problem I am having. According to chart in his book, I consume 2300 calories daily to stay at my present weight. I log food on Spark and no way do I eat that many calories. Figuring out what to eat is problematic too for me. Some foods I was taught were proteins on other diets are not protein on his diet.

Tonight I looked at video about his diet and joined his free newsletter, etc site. Downloaded and printed food list with quantities (fists, thumb, etc) to put on my refrigerator. Chris used containers to show what food groups to eat daily. Red containers for protein. Green for veggies. Yellow for carbs. Mini clear container for fat. Watching video simplified and made following his diet easy. He recommends going off diet once month or 4th week and going back on cycling the next week (5th week) for another 3 weeks. Eat carbs with each meal and snack the week off diet.

I assume everyone weighs their food. Weighing is only way I can determine how many grams of food to eat. My scale broke and I am guessing until I have time to buy another scale.

I don't think protein is problem on this diet since eat carb for breakfast and every other day plus two fist fulls of veggies with each meal. I think problem arises when cut out or severely restrict carbs that contain fiber, etc. like on high protein diets.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (66,733)
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6/14/13 9:13 P

So for a 200 pound person, that would be 150 G protein on high-carb days and 200 G protein on low/moderate carb days.

Isn't that amount of protein potentially damaging to your kidneys and other organs? How do people afford to eat that much high-protein food?

CHICKIEMAUI Posts: 1,189
6/14/13 7:48 P

Ive been doing this plan for 2 week snow and have lost 11 pounds, I think I would've lost more but I got sick for a few days. There are several different plans so its easy for a person regardless of where you are in your journey. Basically proteins are the size of the palm of your hand, carbs are the size of your fist, fats are the size of your thumb and veggies are 2 fistfuls. On Low-Carb days the only carbs you get are with breakfast and through veggies, High-Carb days are all complex carbs only and low fat.

APRILLYNN79 Posts: 2
6/9/13 9:58 P

I have been doing the carb cycling that Chris Powell talks about and I have been losing weight. The first week I dropped 6.2 pounds. But I also think, at this point in my life, I am ready to lose this weight. I have about 150 that I would like to lose, so I am making sure that I hit every meal in my range. I honestly love this. He mentions that on low days eating around 1200 and on high days 1500-1800. On the Sunday I can eat up to 2200. I was nervous about the 1200, but have actually felt full and satisfied at the end of the day. Today I had 2000 and felt blah about it...I felt like I ate too much.

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3/19/13 4:29 A

I found this
With fruit I think you just work out the carb content to fit in to the eating plan
eg:apple 80cal,22g carbs/banana 106 cal,27.7 carbs


High day

Carbs: 2-3 grams per pound of body weight
Protein: 1-1.25 grams per pound of body weight
Fat: as little as possible

Low and moderate days

Carbs: 0.5-1.5 grams per pound of body weight
Protein: 1.25-1.5 grams per pound of body weight
Fat: 0.15-0.35 grams per pound of body weight


High Day

Carbs: 0.9-1.0 grams per pound of body weight
Protein: 0.75 grams per pound of body weight
Fat: as little as possible

Low and moderate days

Carbs: 0.2-0.5 grams per pound of body weight
Protein: 0.9-1.0 grams per pound of body weight
Fat: 0.1-0.2 grams per pound of body weight

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3/18/13 9:10 P

I have been trying to follow Chris powells carb cycling and am having difficulty losing weight. Have any of you been successful

LAMOURA Posts: 19,401
2/19/13 5:38 P

Hi welcome to the team!! Your body does need a balance of all healthy foods..fats, carbs and protein...Chris Powells plan delivers even get to cheat emoticon When are you starting?? I started Sunday. Would love to do the plan with you...if your up to it? emoticon

I have this saying there is so such a word as just have to do it emoticon

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NEEDFUL Posts: 3
2/19/13 4:20 P

I just bought the book on amazon kindle. I love how it is there immediately. I have been debating just trying to do it without the book, but have been doing atkins for two month- I am stalled right now and about starving for fruit! I don't even understand it either I am not a big fruit eater, but I assume it is something my body needs right now. I also think I need energy- motivation to get up and MOVE! So excited to get started!

LAMOURA Posts: 19,401
2/19/13 1:16 P

Hi there emoticon I am sorry I won't be much of a help in this area as I don't count calories I just follow what I am suppose to eat 5 times per day and its a lot. You don't have to worry about counting calories either on Chris Powells plan as you are cycling carbs and on carb day you get tons of calories to rev up your metabolism so that on low carb days your body will burn off fat emoticon emoticon

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2/18/13 9:55 P

how many calories are you supposed to eat on chris powells carb chcling plan? I work out every day (burning on average 400 calories per workout) and just don't want my calories to be too low (especially on my low carb days!) any tips, info? thanks : )

LAMOURA Posts: 19,401
1/10/13 10:14 P

Hi!! if you all are interested I started a team for Chris Powells cycle if you would like to join me I would sure love the company!! Heres the link if your interested.

Hey FUTUREONFIRE would you know the site on where to get that app for Chris Powells cycle? Would sure love to have it.

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1/2/13 2:10 P

I'm also reading the Chris Powell book and became aware of an app for Android or IPhone i believe. It's free and it's called BodE - it is an app that has menus, reminders, tells you when to eat, recipes, and you can pick all of them. They also recommend supplements on there, but you don't HAVE to use them. Although I am drinking the bode burn supplement and really enjoy it. I was thinking about trying the reshape website too. Sounds like some are having success with that.

12/3/12 9:49 A

Even on your low carb days you can have a peice of fruit or some healthy grains for breakfast. During your high carb days, you can swap out a specific carb for fruit if you long as its on the acceptable food list. Today is a low carb day for me and I ate a protien shake, some rasberries and some almonds for my first meal. I will say joining the Reshape Plus program and getting the support of other reshapers has been very helpful. You can swap out any carb for a carb, protien for protien and fat for fat from the food list.

12/3/12 9:45 A

I am on my 17th day of the program and I really like it. I was on a low carb medical diet a while back, you know the ones that are supervised by doctors and only allow 500 calories a day and no vegetables...yea and as you can guess the minute I started eating more than 500 calories I gained it all back plus ten pounds.

The Reshape plan is much different. I get to eat up to 10 cups of fresh vegetables every day. I also get to eat fruits and carbs on my hi carb days. Its much easier to say, I can have that carb tomorrow than to say I am never allowed to eat carbs. The plan also takes it step by step focusing first on food and water intake and 10-45 minutes of walking depending on your fitness level. I have not been hungry at all during the plan so far.

I will say it is a bit confusing in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, it moves along great. 17 days (and technically the first 4 dont count because of Thanksgiving :-) ) and I have already lost 10 pounds. I know alot of that is water weight but its a great motivator to see the pounds shedding. Not only that, my back rolls are no longer touching. LOL!! I think that is progress for sure.

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11/28/12 12:52 P

I am having a hard time understanding the program. I understand high carb/ protein and no fat and on low days protein/fat and low carbs but where does fruit come into the equation? Snyone have some examples of what you do for a week so I can get a better understanding of how it is done?
- by the way I also bought the book for my oldest granddaughter who is 17 and will find it doable.
Thank you.

PEN2010 Posts: 79
11/11/12 12:53 P

That is a prefect way to think about it Life is what we make it. And that is what i kind of plan to do Have something at 6am and go from there. As we all know it is not the easiest to be able to have a snack or meal every 3 hrs. But the concept of the plan makes since. Glad it is working for you. Thanks for the input

ERIN1957 SparkPoints: (114,185)
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11/11/12 12:46 P

I get up 3:30AM and have my coffee and milk one day and half and half and coffee the next day and do not eat until 6:30AM- 7:00AM.
I personal don't worry about life and just do my best, ideally it would be great in a perfect world. Our bodies aren't perfect either. We can just do our best.
Day 3 for me and it is going well and my weight is dropping. It is a pretty healthy way of eating and not that hard to follow.

PEN2010 Posts: 79
11/11/12 12:33 P

I to have just bought the book . But my work hrs are 4 am - 12 So if i ate every 3 hrs i would be done with my 5 meals by 4 and my problem is i am a nite eater . Any suggestions ?
And what are some snack suggestions?

ERIN1957 SparkPoints: (114,185)
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11/10/12 4:25 A

I have the book and started readng it yesterday.

11/6/12 6:16 P

Reading the book now. It is similar to Crack the Fat Lose Code. I am starting it soon.

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3/28/12 8:28 A

I haven't read the book but I have heard about carb cycling.

My body naturally wants me to do carb cycling. Some days my body wants/needs a lot of carbs, like the day after a big race or really strenuous workout day. And some days I could go the whole day without touching a carb.

It's really important to listen to your body.

RACHELLE52 Posts: 294
3/27/12 3:00 P

You have to make SURE that you are eating the correct portions. He allows you to measure with your palms, fist, fingers, etc. Also drinking the water is key, the times that you start eating and finish, etc, etc. Initially it seems like a lot but once you get it and follow it, it does work. Like on the Free Day, if you choose to do one day, your calorie intake should be 2400 calories but some people will see FREE DAY and eat way more than that. So reading the book is key, understanding the food list, how much to eat and what kinda exercise to do, and the WATER!!

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3/26/12 6:14 P

I think it works. I lost a lot previously on a similar diet but have been on this 5 weeks and have only lost 9 pounds. I say only because I work out, intensely, 6 days a week. I think I'm not eating enough calories. I wish Chris would offer more support in addition to his book. His book is for people who've never exercised and are new to cycling. It would be great if he had resources through his web site...

RACHELLE52 Posts: 294
3/25/12 11:51 A

What I've found in the past regarding dieting and loosing weight is that when I keep my body in a confused state with eating and exercise it responds well. That it really the concept behind Chris's plan and thats why I like it. Our bodies are very intelligent and will sometimes adjust itself to the diet plans that we are on. This plan goes back and forth with carbs and exercise so just as the body figures out whats happening the next day a change is made. I LOVE this plan and gave it a week of sticking to it by the book and I was really surprised at how well I felt (great energy and no hunger) and at how I dropped a few pounds easily. It really takes reading the book to understand the plan but it does work and its not hard to stick to. There are plenty of foods to choose from. I suggest to anyone who is serious about it to get the book, read it and sit down and create menu's for a week for yourself. I created menus for the low carb day, regular carb day and the FREE DAY. Even though there is a FREE DAY you still need to stay within a certain calorie range. Its really easy to plan these menus if you use the food tracker here on Spark. I am starting the plan today full time. I like this one better than anything else I have come across and BELIEVE ME, I have a closet FILLED with just about every healthy plan out there! Its all about what works for you and what is doable for you. I also have Chris's workout DVD. I did it and it is a very decent workout for beginner and intermediate exercisers. There is also a section for beginners. I have about 200 Exercise DVD's because I get bored very easily. I like having lots of choices depending on the mood I'm in for the day!

ANIKAJAC SparkPoints: (34,860)
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3/19/12 12:53 P

I read this book after loosing weight on very low carb and hitting plateau

So far bringing the healthy carbs back one day high carb one day low carb is not working so great for me.

Going to keep trying and get a bit stricter with myself.

3/19/12 11:13 A

Read the book and started on the diet today, as a matter of fact. Found a lot of reviews online with mixed feedback - seems when it works it REALLY works. I think a lot has to do with how dedicated you are! Best of luck!

JDBOYAR Posts: 241
3/16/12 2:25 P

I saw him on Dr. Oz this week and thought I might try it out. I know that I lost a lot of weight when I was younger on a low carb diet, but this one looks like you at least have some carbs every other day and then once a week, what every you want.
He gave some suggestions for a one day plan but I was wondering if he gave a total carb count for the protein/fat Non carb day? Anybody Know?

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3/14/12 8:01 A

I did a similar plan a few years ago and it's very effective if you follow it and exercise. I don't do the Reshape the Nation but I follow his book. It can be tough to eat every 3 hours (I'm a teacher, so I don't get to pick my break times), but it makes you feel better. The biggest thing is to not eat processed food, in my opinion. I don't think it necessarily means you have to follow a specific plan. I also work out 6 times a week, but I've worked out for a while so this was not a hard change for me.

Good luck!

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/13/12 11:36 P

I looked at pro's and con's of his reshape the nation and under cons

"Nutrition plan may not be practical as a lifelong nutrition plan"..

This is exactly what we should be looking for.. Sparkspeople is free and middle of the road information..

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3/13/12 4:20 P

I actually just started the Carb Cycle Solution from Chris Powell's book Choose to Lose a week ago. It's been going great so far :)

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
3/9/12 6:29 P

No I have not done it.......But I have know someone who has and they seemed to have good luck with it. I have done calorie cycling. One day my calories are at the high end and then the next day at the low end and back and forth. I am sure carb cycling is similuar. Good luck.

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3/9/12 2:28 P

Has anyone tried the Chris Powell (from Extreme Makeover) plan? I'm looking for some support.

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