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7/21/13 3:32 P



I also have a picture of me at my ideal weight next to it.

Do whatever it takes. You'll get there if you don't quit and record everything.

Use the trackers to record everything that goes into your mouth and your miles walked weekly. You'll be able to look at your chart and compare what you were eating when your weight went down a few pounds, so you can repeat it for immediate success.

By recording your mileage, you can see that you're getting better each week, that motivates you even more. AND you can see what a whimp you USED to be. ;o)

Marcy in Oregon

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7/16/13 8:12 A

Your enthusiasm is motivating me! emoticon

The tracking and goal setting are a great way to hold yourself accountable and to take responsibility for this journey to a healthier lifestyle. When you have it right in front of you, it becomes harder to make excuses. I find the point system fun as well because it gets me to come to the site and to actively participate.

thanks for such a positive post!


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7/16/13 1:50 A

It sounds like you're off to a good start. Yes, tracking is everything. I too love how all the foods you eat are in there (or you add them in there) and you just preplan your day and all your meals and if you want some of this and it's too much for your daily food, then you take off somewhere else. As long as you stay in the zone of where you should be, you can eat anything.

No longer dieting, just better eating. And I too like the fact I can see progress! And you have all the cheerleaders on here to cheer you on. You are not alone.

Welcome, and it sounds like you're off to a good start.

And you have a really happy dog because of it. ;o)

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7/7/13 1:55 P

Hi! been working on this thing for a couple of weeks now-not sure exactly how much weight i have lost because I dont have a scale in my house-will have to check when I go back to work on Tuesday. I dont think I am as focused on that as I was initially because I am actually feeling better. I love the fact that I can track what I am eating and track what my exercise is doing for me. I really dont know how to use the pedometer though to turn it into tracking really but it is cool to know that I have taken steps to increase my exercise. I felt at first like it was a chore and now my dog is LOVING the fact that I have taken her for two walks a day and they have been super major walks too!

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