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8/28/13 2:16 P

That is not normal. Have you ever been checked out by an endocrinologist?

In the mean time, how about trying swimming? It's a good way to get a meaningful workout while staying cool. I tend to overheat due to a brain injury, and swimming was a good place for me to start exercising. Gradually I have pushed myself and have gotten used to being (too) hot, but it took a long time.

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8/28/13 1:36 P

Since this is a problem you've had since childhood, I would suggest you see a Dr. See if you can get your Hypothalamus checked.

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8/28/13 12:32 P

With the overheating, make sure you're not working too hard - can you still talk while working out? If you can't do more than gasp out a word or two, you're working too hard. If you can sing, you're not working hard enough (probably not your problem).

Also make sure you're drinking enough as dehydration can prevent your body from properly cooling itself.

If that isn't the problem, you might want to talk to your Dr about this.

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8/28/13 12:23 P

emoticon on your progress to date!

make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Dehydration can cause major headaches and nausea.

listen to your body - you may have to slow your pace


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8/28/13 9:48 A

Ok I have starting working out along with changing my eating habits I brought a treadmill so I get on and walk like 26 mins is the longest so far. I have gotten as big as I am today because whenever I have tried in the past to work out I get sick seems like I sweat get over heated and I get a bad headache the kind that makes you want to vomit which in turn makes me not want to workout. as a child I was the type of kid who couldn't get over exerted couldn't be in the sun too long couldn't get too hot or I would be in the house sick as a dog ... Also I wasn't a obese child my thing is this I have to lose some weight I'm not going to give up this time I can't afford to for my health and a better quality of life what I've been doing since I started lately is having the central air on freeze also a fan set up in the place where I sit to cool down right in my face because the headache is real lol and this has been helpful in stopping the sick feeling from getting out of control..Any advice would be greatly appreciated...Thank you

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