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10/9/11 2:01 A

I have trouble seeing why canning doesn't count if gardening does according to the fitness tracker. Unless you are doing heavy duty landscaping work I would say they are comparable in terms of energy expenditure. Plus who is the exercise police in here? This is not Fitocracy.

I say give yourself credit for everything you do but don't use it as an excuse to skip workouts at the gym. I canned 20 jars of salsa today and took a 45 minute walk. I took the walk first because I knew I would skip it if I canned for 3-4 hours first.

8/30/11 9:25 P

I won't count it as exercise, and you wanna know why. I just spent a bunch of time the past 2 months canning, I used the excuse I needed to save my energy for canning so I didn't workout, or did it very sporadically. I did all my canning, freezing and dehydrating work while standing, I just can't sit because I am a professionally trained cook, we always stand.

12 qt Apricot, 12 qt Cherries, 12 qt Peaches
5 dozen pints Apricot Nectar (timed this one, it takes 2 hours to make 12)
5 half pints Apricot Sauce
7 half pints Apricot Jelly
8 half pints Strawberry Jam
5 half pints Cherry Jam

Then filling the dehydrator, 8 times with apricots, 3 times with peaches, 1 time raspberries, 1 time watermelon, 1 time strawberries, 1 time blueberries

Then prepping fruit for the freezer, 5 lg bags apricots, 2 lg bags blueberries, 2 lr bags raspberries, 2 large bags cherries, 1 lg bag peaches.

Well last night I decided to get back to working out. I dropped myself back one level in Jillian's 30 Day Shred to level 2, I had accomplished getting to Level 3. But I had to take a couple breaks while doing my workout, even to the point of pausing the dvd for a minute, I have NEVER paused this workout ever. Then I got in the elliptical afterward for 33 minutes, well I had to stop about half way through again for a minute to catch my breath.

Now I totally regret using my preserving as an excuse not to workout, I have so much more energy after a work out, and my back wouldn't be killing me right now if I kept it up.

HEALTHY14REAL Posts: 2,549
8/30/11 8:22 P

I do a lot of canning and agree - not exercise just extra activity. Hubby, daughter and I did go "traipsing over hill and dale" Saturday to pick wild grapes which are now 42 quarts of grape juice in my pantry but not counted as exercise.

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8/30/11 7:07 P


I don't doubt it. My mentality is if I don't change into workout clothes and do something for the sole purpose of exercising, then it doesn't count as exercise.

Example: Walking to the store is going to the store not exercise.

Really though, people can count anything they want as "exercise" in the end they are only cheating themselves.

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
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8/30/11 2:35 P

@Colby- I'm sure it has been asked. If every single "activity" counted as exercise, how in the heck would any of us be out of shape?


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8/30/11 2:31 P

canning involves standing which burns more calories than sitting
HOWEVER unless you went hunting for venison, and traipsed over hill & dale and shot a deer, or elk or moose, and carried it back to your vehicle & gutted it and butchered it and THEN decided to pressure can the meat, canning is NOT exercise!

canning is better for you than sitting w/ a bag of chips & watching TV...and think of all the benefits of great food you will have this winter! (Did you grow the tomatoes? Gardening can include some exercise benefits.)

We grow veggies & some fruits. I picked the blueberries, canned the fruit & now have 28 pints of blueberry jam for my kids to enjoy this winter. It all contributes to well being and movement, but it is NOT technically "exercise" in terms of raising heart rate and exerting effort & sustaining that for 20 min or so.

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8/30/11 1:17 P

I agree with others--not exercise. Any movement done and extra calories burned are a nice bonus. Sometimes people confuse work with exercise. Sure work can keep you active, burn some calories, give you sore muscles, tire you out but it is generally not done in a way that improves physical fitness. It may help to think of exercise as activities specifically designed to improve one or more aspect of your physical fitness and is progressive--easy enough not to hurt you but hard enough to challenge you (and the intensity changes as you adapt). A good fitness program makes work (and play) easier and helps prevent injuries. The good news is that activity, in addition to exercise, can be very beneficial to your health and the extra movement while canning adds to your daily activity so it beats sitting in front of the television.

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8/30/11 12:54 P

Wow. Next up will be someone asking if snoring while you sleep counts.

MICHELLE8Q SparkPoints: (47,181)
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8/30/11 12:28 P

I've done some large amounts of canning before, and while I'm sure you burn more calories than working in an office, I wouldn't count it as exercise.

MOOJOO0 SparkPoints: (1,248)
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8/30/11 11:36 A

I have. I wouldn't count it as exercise. I'd probably let myself off the hook for working out that day though. Maybe. Or just do a lighter workout. Anyway, it's a good bonus, but not really a workout.

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
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8/30/11 10:48 A

Yes I have.

I say no to counting it as exercise.

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8/30/11 10:26 A

Can Canning fruits and vegetables be counted as exercise? Have you ever tried canning 7 quarts of tomatoes? :)

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