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5/6/14 8:46 P

Thanks FL!

I live by a bay in California. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. There's gotta be some fish off our shores!

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5/6/14 8:36 P

I live on the West Coast of British Columbia and have access to the small wild albacore tuna caught off our shores, it is even sold at our local farmers market. They are considered a sustainable fish and because they are small they have very low mercury levels and contaminants. I never buy the stuff you find on the grocery store shelves but I am lucky and grateful to be able to have access to the freshest wild fish available (salmon, halibut, cod and tuna).

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5/6/14 6:36 P

@ ELISADENK - Me?? ha ha now I'm confused.

No, people are posting about skipjack tuna and mercury levels. I provided a link that states it's not caught/farmed/raised (whatever) in a environmentally sound matter. Is it the same tuna? Or different?

But, at the end of the day, not everyone is concerned about that, anyway.

ETA: I guess it depends on the brand?

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5/6/14 6:27 P

EE: me? no

DH found a can of Tongol Tuna by Crown Prince Says wild caught and PBA free, spring water
5 oz can cost over $3!!

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5/6/14 6:18 P

@ SAMMI-SAM To my cat...them there is fighting words!! emoticon

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5/6/14 6:14 P


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5/6/14 6:06 P

Here is a guide on Mercury in fish:

Skipjack is annotated as: * Fish in Trouble! These fish are perilously low in numbers or are caught using environmentally destructive methods.

Is this the same tuna you buy?

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5/6/14 5:21 P


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5/6/14 8:23 A

I get the skipjack also. Its available on amazon and has free shipping if you're a prime member. It is also more sustainably caught supposedly, and is in a non bpa lined can.

5/5/14 9:08 P

The tuna I posted is caught in the pacific and smaller so it has much less mercury.

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5/5/14 8:50 P

You can't get tuna without mercury; it's in the water, and tuna are large, predatory, long-lived fish, all of which increases the concentration of mercury in the meat. If you want lower levels you pretty much have to eat a different kind of fish (or eat tuna less often), so far as I know.

ELISADENK Posts: 11,290
5/5/14 8:48 P

Thank you!

Is it safe for my cat? I've been giving her the tuna water....

5/5/14 8:37 P

Pyrophosphate is a common food additive used in a variety of products. It's often added to canned tuna to help prevent the natural formation of mineral crystals. Pyrophosphate is primarily found in albacore tuna products since these crystals form most often in albacore tuna.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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5/5/14 7:24 P

This is my favorite, but it's pricey so tuna is a treat here.

The ingredients are tuna and salt. It is caught sustainable. Did you know most tuna brands press the tuna oil out of their tuna and sell it as a separate commodity? The oil in most canned tunas is canola or vegetable oil.

ELISADENK Posts: 11,290
5/5/14 5:46 P

My favorite brand of tuna sneaked in 'pyrophosphate'!

Is this new ingredient safe to ingest?

May have to change brands.

Is there a better tuna out there? One with less mercury and less junk?

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