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DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/4/13 12:43 P

I am becoming a fat burner vs. a sugar burner. Sugar does nasty things to my system like increase cravings and yes, I am hungry a lot more than normal.
Now the sugar I eat does not spike my sugar levels. I don't do whole grains, I don't do dairy, and I don't do anything processed.
An apple or other piece of fruit curbs my hunger

It may be a tough road to cut the sugar, as I went through some very nasty withdrawal, but now if i eat too much regardless of the kind, i get an icky feeling and my body lets me know it is not happy.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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2/4/13 12:30 P

When you eat junk, you are getting calories, but not the nutrition your body needs, so your body keeps craving healthy food to fill the void. Instead of reaching for the candy (this is clearly a trigger food for you, it may be something you can't handle having in moderation, so no more big bags!)

Instead of candy, aim for healthier choices. Veggies with hummus, or maybe even a cup of tea with honey. You can satisfy your sweet tooth without all the extra empty calories.

When I eat junk, I eat more, because I am not getting the nutrients I need to be healthy. It's common knowledge that things like simple carbs are pretty much metabolized straight into sugar, so your body is hit with blood sugar spikes and cravings! So yes, that candy can make you hungry. THat's why hunger is sometimes not the best measure of when we should eat, especially for those of us who have short-circuited this mechanism for knowing when you're full over a lifetime.

AKATHLEEN54 Posts: 601
2/4/13 11:37 A

I think you were hungry because even nthough you were consuming calories they were "empty calories" You didn't eat anything substantial to fuel your body's needs. Try snacking on nuts or yogurt, maybe veggie sticks or fruit with peanut butter. It sounds like maybe you just needed to be putting something in your mouth. Maybe try chewing gum or bulk up on your water consumption. When you think you are hungry drink a large glass of water- flavor it if you need to to give it a different taste. Good luck. Don't give up!!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,260
2/4/13 11:03 A

Sometimes when we're actually thirsty, we think we're hungry. My DH does that all the time; he'll be banging around the kitchen looking for something more to eat, but really he needs a glass of water.

And sometimes we think we're hungry, but what it is, is wanting a sugar "fix". Loading up on simple carbohydrates may give us a burst of energy, but it'll be followed by a "crash" and then we want more sugar to get us back up. Perhaps your body was missing the sugar high from the day before.

I think a pp was right, about how we can get to where we don't recognize really being hungry-- we've eaten so much for so long not so much out of hunger, as it is, because the food's available-- that what we think is hunger is actually something else. Doesn't mean we need to starve ourselves til the point of being sick or passing out from hunger, so we'll know what it is. Just means we need to stop and ask ourselves, are we actually hungry, or is it thirst, is it a desire for sugar, is it boredom or stress or wanting to eat for some other emotion.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,431)
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2/4/13 11:03 A

According to this 60 Minutes segment (from last April), sugar IS addictive. I love this segment. It's so interesting.

To the OP - I don't know if the large amount of sugar had anything to do with you being hungry the following day, but what did you eat? Your SparkPage is set to private so we can't give you any advice because we can't see your nutrition tracker. If you make your page public and share your nutrition tracker, we might be able to help you further.

COTTERR SparkPoints: (11,727)
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2/4/13 10:48 A

I don't know if it's factually based, but I believe sugar is addicting. Once I start, I cannot stop. The rationalization process that I go through is that similar to an alcoholic. I'll binge until I puke. Even sugary-like foods such as fiber one bars and Chewy bars can set me off. Keep them away and an orange works just fine for me.

And yes, despite eating nearly 1k calories when I ate an entire bag of peanut butter m&ms, I still felt hungry. That's because they were empty calories (like juice). They have little to no fiber or protein to make you feel full; just sugar.

2/4/13 6:00 A

Is it possible it's a "that time of the month" kind of craving?

Has anything else changed - cut down carbs or increase in salts? Both of those can drive sugar-cravings.

Also, if you are eating candy, that's a very small volume of food for a rather high amount of calories. So even if your calories were "within range" your stomach may have still felt empty! Things like vegetables and fruit are great for helping put higher volume of food in your stomach (to help tell your brain that you're full!) without loading it with calories or sugars.

And yep! :) Boredom can sometimes lead to snacking and thinking we're hungry! Many people are out of touch with being able to "hear" their body's true hunger signs, after a life time of incorrect nutrition and eating!

Hope things settle and balance out for you. Good luck! :)

JMURPHY14 SparkPoints: (2,091)
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2/4/13 2:58 A


I was wondering...

Yesterday and the day before I snacked on the past 3 days I ate a whole bag of twizzlers, another bag of the soft twizzlers and a bag of the watermelon sour patch candy. (So bad!) I don't know why I have been craving so many sweets. But today, I did not eat any candy but I was so hungry, all the time!! Even when I was way over my calories allowed. I slept fine, and just did my homework all day (nothing strenuous) So I don't know why I was so hungry!

Of course, maybe I was just bored.

But I FELT hungry. Is there a relationship to the increased appetite and the candy I had?


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