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4/15/13 7:09 P

I am in the same boat as you are. I love my sweets

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4/15/13 6:53 P

That's great that you have no dental issues --- although it sure would have been an easier fix than fighting the sweet tooth!

For that one, well, the best thing that I've found to derail a sweet craving is to eat a baby dill pickle. The completely different taste seems to usually get rid of the craving.

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4/15/13 5:29 P

no im pretty sure it has nothing to do with that im actually really great in the teeth/dental/mouth dept even with a sweet tooth and i can drink over a gal of water a day...i really just like hard candies, even soft candies shoot if it has sugar i want it! I have found that my "sour" cravings can actually be put at bay if i eat lemon slices...oh man my mouth is watering just writing this! still dont know how to shake the sweet tooth its hard for me

4/15/13 2:31 P

If I don't buy it I won't eat it if its in the house I will so this week I'm not bringing it in.

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4/15/13 12:56 P

Just a thought - is it possible that you really want the candies because you have dry mouth? It might be worthwhile talking to your doctor or dentist to see if this is a problem for you, that you haven't recognized because you've been "treating" it with the candies.

I have this problem occasionally, caused by allergies, and there are some mouthwashes and doctor-recommended lozenges that can help with it. Drinking a ton of water also helps, and they may have some dietary recommendations to help as well.

If you have allergies, though, be careful of the ingredients on the mouthwashes and lozenges. All of them that I found contain aloe, which is one of my worst allergies!

My dentist also mentioned to me once that a lot of people don't realize that they start consuming more candies when they have some cavities starting in their teeth or gingivitis starting. These can cause an odd taste in the mouth. Most folks don't realize that there is a cause, or may not even consciously recognize that there is an odd taste in their mouth - they just start reaching for candies more often as this gets more saliva going and masks the taste.

Good luck in figuring it out!

4/15/13 12:40 P

Stop with the substitution of died fruit and go for whole fruit: fresh, frozen, canned.

The whole fruit with all its water content has the filling power through its volume and size.

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4/15/13 12:16 P

I have the worst sweet tooth, cake, frosting, candy you name it i crave it...and not just around that time of the month. I love love love sour candies too.....Ive tried for 6 wks to just QUIT but man its hard. Ive looked at dried fruits and things but they seem to have more calories than a package of gobstoppers...whats up with this. Is it ok to munch on a few pieces of hard candy or better to eat the dried fruits. I know the fruits are healthier but whats up with the calories, anyone go thru this? Ive quit the cakes and cookies part but i really want to munch on my candies

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