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7/25/14 1:27 P

I am Katy. I have been using an app on my phone for walking. It is called accupedo and measures steps. I average about 5000 to 6500 daily. I am new at this and walking is what I am limited to due to health issues. Is this enough or should I up my game?

SPARKLE883 Posts: 148
7/25/14 10:04 A

The best and most accurate way to know your true calorie burn is to invest in a heart rate monitor with a chest strap. Treadmills and other cardio machines typically provide calorie burn data based on the average male, which is usually WAY inflated compared to your actual burn. My true calorie burn based on my heart rate monitor, for example, was about 60-70% of what the machine told me it was. That's a HUGE difference that can really sabotage your efforts!

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,438
7/22/14 11:26 P

Many pieces of gym equipment, including treadmills, are notorious for significantly overestimating the calories burned. You may want to check an online calculator (such as within Spark's exercise tracker, or
) and see what they come up with. Also, you may want to check that you are accurately entering your weight into each method.

However, pedometers (and online calculators) assume level ground. If you are using incline on the treadmill, then the treadmill is probably the more reasonable estimate. (Each 1% incline will increase the calories burned by about 10%).


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7/22/14 12:46 P

emoticon I'll give it a try.

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7/22/14 12:28 P

Have you been taking readings for a while ? I would take readings from the treadmill as well as the pedometer for 1-2 weeks or at least 10 workouts on the treadmill. Take an average of the data.

Then compare the average to what the Spark fitness tracker lists as how many calories you would have burned in X time on the treadmill.

this is not an exact science. An average is the closest you'll get for a calorie burn. Treadmill, pedometers and even HRMs will have a margin of error. In general, I have found that treadmill do tend to overestimate calorie burn if that helps any.

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7/22/14 10:49 A

I have been using my step and calorie counter when using my treadmill. distance matches with the treadmill but the calories don't. Should you use a pedometer/calorie counter while on the treadmill? Which one is the correct calculation?

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