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6/3/13 6:34 A

If you are on a diet/lifestyle change you do need to take them because most likely you aren't getting enough of the nutrients that your body needs to function. Usually it takes more then a few days to feel the results of not taking a multivitamin.

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6/3/13 5:50 A

Since I've been taking a multi one for so long, I'm not a good person to evaluate it! I'd have to stop for three months, then see how I felt!!

re: the Vit D though... depending on where you live, how much sunshine time you have, and your diet, I believe there is enough research to show that many folks are at "low" levels and adding it in moderation can benefit these particular folks. Since "older adults" tend to be outside less, and some don't eat well, age can be a concern. Whether you are one of those is between your doctor and you! Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin though, so a physician's guidance is needed with how much to take, as overdosing is possible.

Vit D is involved in calcium absorption and metabolism; and low levels have been linked to depression and obesity. I haven't read the most current research though-- so I am not sure if research has established a "cause & effect". Does the low Vit D cause the depression; or does the depression cause a low Vit D... or are they just coincidental in older folks who stay inside a lot, don't eat well...and happen to be among those with depression ??!!!

I hope you will discuss this further with your doctor!!

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6/3/13 3:57 A

I can't really tell if taking daily vitamins helps. I still get coughs and colds, still feel run down sometimes. But, I feel I'm doing the wrong thing by not taking any if I happen to run out of some of them at times. What proven benefits are they for you? Dr's now telling me to take vitamin D for health reasons. Do you think we need to take them due to our age? Let me know friends! Have a great day today!

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