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3/3/11 6:34 P

I've tried it and it burns. We have a hot-air popper and I don't eat much popcorn anymore. Recently I have switched to coconut oil for any higher-heat cooking.

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3/3/11 4:17 P

I feel so stupid but I never knew you could pop popcorn in a paperbag in the microwave until I saw it mentioned on this board. So, last night I tried it at home and it was awesome! I just put the kernels in the bag with no oil and they popped perfectly. I then used an olive oil sprayer to lightly spray the popcorn and sprinkled some parmesan cheese on top. Healthy and yummy!!

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3/3/11 3:44 P

Sure, you can and if you have a microwave and a paper bag you can do-it-yourself microwave it! Technically you don't need any oil at all.

I would be afraid of it burning on the stove due to it's low smoke point so be careful!

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NIRERIN Posts: 13,907
3/3/11 3:24 P

you can, but it burns easier. i prefer just using a pot and no oil over olive oil.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 15,951
3/3/11 3:24 P

You can, but it does have a unique flavor

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3/3/11 3:18 P

I use peanut oil, as olive oil has a low smoke point. Peanut is better at high temperatures.

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3/3/11 3:14 P

sure you can, if you have an air popper that is a lot healthier though, and you can always spray the popcorn with a little butter flavoring or season it.

KARA623 Posts: 727
3/3/11 3:02 P

Yes. I do that - and coconut oil, too.

DREAMMIIND22 Posts: 988
3/3/11 2:46 P

I have a full bottle of Orville Redenbachers(mispelled) popcorn kernels in my pantry. I also have a bottle Extra-Virgin Olive Oil as well. I'm in the mood for some popcorn. Can you make/pop popcorn in Olive Oil?

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