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7/11/11 2:03 A

1 pound weight loss could be anything from water retention to constipation. (sorry if graphic haha). Wait a few more days & weigh again.

But if you keep losing weight while avoiding dairy, there could be several reasons. High calories as some people said, insulin secretion, or even lactose intolerance ( some people suspect growth hormone might be a factor). Who knows, everyone is different.

Ever heard of GOMAD? It means "gallon of milk a day", which is what some people use to gain mass while weightlifting.

ANARIE Posts: 13,184
7/10/11 10:58 P

Don't forget that the loss could be a direct result of the antibiotics. If you've have an infection, you were likely retaining some fluid as your body tried to fight it. Clearing that up could easily account for a pound-- in fact, that's more likely than seeing a fat loss from any change of diet in so short a time. Changes in diet take a while to show up on the scale.

J-PHOENIX Posts: 73
7/10/11 10:56 P

Some very well considered responses....or maybe no-brainers, really. I'm still kinda in the shock mode. Realizing how much dairy I normally consume has been a real eye-opener. Yeah, cheese in moderation, I think I could do that. I don't have to deny myself. I feel like looking into alternatives. Reach for fruit and veggies more often. I have a daughter that loves cheese and she is starting to put on weight. She is almost 6. Hubby needs to lose weight too. Am going to try to cut down on some of these high fat high calorie foods. Hard to do with picky eater.

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
7/10/11 10:01 P

Cutting out high calorie food (cheese and ice cream) is going to help you lose weight not matter what they are made of.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,247
7/10/11 9:39 P

you can lose weight eating any type of diet. there isn't one magic fix for everyone.
if you are considering ditching dairy, start poking around vegan cookbooks and websites. see if it is something you could handle. if nothing else, consider replacing some of your dairy with other flavors and preparations.
because dairy alone isn't enough. if you do top all your sandwiches and salads with cheese, eat mozzarella sticks all the time, have pizza weekly, well, there are plenty of not as great dairy options that can add up quite fast. and cutting those additional dairy bits can help simply by cutting calories. and that sort of thing can help in the short term.

as far as the long term goes, do you really never want cheese again? if you don't, or have some other issue with the dairy industry, then cutting it out may be for you. or, you know, if you have allergies. but if you like cheese, it's probably not the most realistic or sustainable plan. you may find it helps to not have it some of the time or to have it less, but cutting things out entirely [making forbidden foods] tends to make me want it more. which means that when i do break down and have it, i gorge on it. if i'm allowed to have it, i do much better with having it on occasion.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,971
7/10/11 7:36 P

Sounds like cutting out the dairy lowered your calories (not to mention the fat!).

J-PHOENIX Posts: 73
7/10/11 6:36 P

I am taking an antibiotic and the pharm said don't eat dairy products or much calcium because it will render the medicine ineffective. It's only a 5 day program and I have one more day to go. Recently I celebrated losing 20 lbs over a nearly two year period, slow and steady. I have watched that scale just go back and forth a lot, and struggled with when to call it a 20 lb loss for sure. Today, I stepped on because I felt somehow lighter, and I was stunned to see a .8 loss, of nearly a lb in the last couple of days. I wonder if it's the non-dairy. So much of my diet was dairy- yogurt, cheese, milk, ice cream. Always cereal for breakfast. Am I onto something? Does anyone else out there cut out dairy and find themselves dropping pounds?
I just had a salad instead of a yogurt for a snack! I have enough energy to work on actual dinner now :)

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