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3/30/13 3:43 P

Small changes will result in BIG results. Walking is one of a short list of things that virtually all of the people who lose weight and keep it off for years have in common. Walking doesn't require a lot of special equipment, can be done anywhere (indoors and out), can be gentle and easygoing to start and intense later on, it can be increased slowly or quickly. It is IDEAL for a way to start. Don't believe the hype about all of the INTENSE exercise you HAVE to do to lose - a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step and a journey of a lot of pounds lost also starts with a single step (or simply starting out).

NATHELESS Posts: 5,761
3/29/13 9:41 A

Walking is great exercise! Don't let anyone tell you differently.

As others have said, losing weight tends to be more about the food we consume than the exercise we do.

I don't know where you saw the article that claimed that walking wasn't good enough, but I'd say you can rule them out as a good source of reliable information.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is stop listening to or reading trendy diet advice. Most of the time, they are trying to sell you something (even if it's just your attention to their ads).

Sparkpeople's articles are very good, and while the Tufts "Nutrition Navigator" is sadly no longer being updated, their recommended sites are excellent and I think most still exist:

I usually like to look for information that is associated with a medical group or a university, rather than a fitness magazine or someone trying to sell a weight-loss product.

Ten Red Flags That Signal Bad Nutrition Advice:

Recommendations that promise a quick fix
Dire warnings of dangers from a single product or regimen
Claims that sound too good to be true
Simplistic conclusions drawn from a complex study
Recommendations based on a single study
Dramatic statements that are refuted by reputable scientific organizations
Lists of "good" and "bad" foods
Recommendations made to help sell a product
Recommendations based on studies published without peer review
Recommendations from studies that ignore differences among individuals or groups

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MARYT09 Posts: 61
3/29/13 7:22 A

Thank you all so much! Need to get to it.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,231
3/29/13 6:22 A

I lost the weight with just walking, and doing some strength training videos here on Spark. There are a lot of them that use just your own body weight, or a resistance band (these are pretty cheap; you can get one at Walmart).

When the walking got easier for me, I added in some hills and walked faster. When the weather was really bad, I used Walk Away the Pounds (Leslie Sansone) dvd's in the house.

Like previously mentioned-- losing weight is much more about what/ how much we eat. The Nutrition Tracker is absolutely fabulous for this! The exercise is about getting fit. It is important for our health-- but it is NOT necessary to work out so hard that we collapse into a puddle of sweat on the floor, to lose weight and get fit. I've never done Insanity or P90x or anything like that; it's not "my style".

So yes you can!

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3/28/13 9:45 P

Hello Mary,

I lost 50 pounds in 11 months to reach my goal. I walked and did about 10 minutes of floor exercises as my only workouts. 80% of weight loss has to do with what and how much you eat. I would say yes you can!!

Best of success to you!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,289
3/28/13 9:27 P

Yes, you can still lose weight and get fit with walking. Of course, you still want to incorporate strength training into your plan as well, but walking can be a great cardio workout. If you find it gets easier for you, you can try adding in hills to your route and/or walking faster.

I'd recommend checking out our Walking Guide resource for more tips and info:

Coach Denise

MARYT09 Posts: 61
3/28/13 6:57 P

by starting with walking? I read an article today about how hard one must workout to lose any weight. It made it sound like crazy intense workouts are the only thing that will work. I am discouraged before I even start! I'm just having anxiety I'm sure. Thanks for any thoughts.

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