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1/29/13 6:38 A

how many calories are you supposed to have and how many calories does that add up to? chicken, brown rice and veggies could be under 100 if you eat small enough portions or over 2000 if they are large. same for everything on that list but the special k bar and the oatmeal bar.

what you are eating does look a little low in fruits and veggies. unless you're eating a cup and a quarter at least at dinner and lunch [more if some of your veggies are leafy greens, which have a one cup serving as opposed to half a cup] you're not getting in five servings of veg. and while that won't show in the basic macros, when you start tracking vitamins and minerals it will. same for fruits. you seem to be getting one out of five servings. berries go well with cereal, yogurt and oatmeal. dried fruit also goes well in oatmeal and a serving is only 1/4 cup.

so make sure your goals are accurate for where you are right now and saved, then make sure what you are eating is in range. if you're tracking a variety of vitamins and minerals as well you will see where your mealplan is leaving you lacking. and if you run the end of day report it will spit out suggestions to get you into range on those vitamins and minerals.

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1/29/13 5:27 A

wow! Did you ever look at the ingredients of those Speical K protein bars....High fructose, dextrose, POLYDEXTROSE, corn syrup, PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED PALM, etc.....lots of sugar...worse yet

The Mayo Clinic describes trans fat as the worst type of fat because it raises your "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and lowers your "good" cholesterol (HDL), which increases your risk of heart disease and heart attack. That might be because adding hydrogen to the oil makes it more difficult to digest. Only partially hydrogenated oil contains trans fat, whereas fully or completely hydrogenated oils do not, so avoid partially hydrogenated oils. Read the ingredients list on food labels and avoid foods with partially hydrogenated oils or those that don't specify if the oil if partially or fully hydrogenated. would be better off eating a hard boiled egg or Pepitas which are shelled pumpkin seeds....1 Ounce has 8 Grams of protein making them a smart snack.

Eat oatmeal before a work out with slivered almonds or walnuts...and eating low carb means... good insulin sensitivity where the body can more easily take sugar from the bloodstream, allowing muscles to use it for fuel

After a workout half some dark chocolate which will bring more oxygen to replenish any muscle sorness...and Brown Rice cereal provides and replenishes depleted glycogen....personally I do not eat protein bars....too many chemicals....see the panel on the box.

So no...get rid of he Special K real food that has good nutrients.... vitamins ...minerals....Yes on the oatmeal add walnuts ...Walnuts are a great source of omega 3's. Eating just 4 walnuts per day can keep your heart healthy.

One egg provides 6 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat (1.5 saturated and 2 monounsaturated), and about half a gram of carbohydrate & Eggs have lots of vitamins...a low cost and low carb source of protein.

Also there is a lot of salt in bread and cheese and breakfast cereals...check the panel
Some brands of corn flakes have up to 266 mg of sodium per cup.
Some brands of raisin bran have up to 342 mg of sodium per cup.
Puffed rice and puffed wheat are sodium free.

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1/29/13 12:33 A

This sounds good, but the best way to know if you are eating enough or not is to measure your meals and how much or less you are going beyond or below your caloric needs for the day. Sparkpeople Nutrition Tracker will do all that for you. Good luck.

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1/29/13 12:18 A

So I'm eating healthier and I would love some advice.

I do weight training 2- 3 times a week, and I do cardio and burn around 400 calories atleast 6 days a week.

This is what I eat:


Usually a cup of cereal with almond milk
Greek yogurt with honey



protein special k 170 calorie chocolate bar


Grilled Chicken, brown rice, vegetables


Wheat bread sandwich with tapenade, turkey breast, veggies
90 calorie ooatmeal bar


I usually add in a protein shake

How does this sound? Should I eat more?

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