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ITSALMOST30 Posts: 533
7/16/10 12:37 P

I'd probably have a doctor check you out just because breathing problems could be very serious. I know that when I had cracked ribs I would swim. So, maybe treading water or swimming would be low impact enough. I wouldn't run though.

7/16/10 12:37 P

I wish I knew, but I don't, so I would suggest asking your MD. I hope you heal quickly and easily and that you are back to as much exercise as you would like soon!

LITTLEMISS995 Posts: 295
7/16/10 12:27 P

I think I bruised my rib the other day while holding in a few forceful sneezes (this has happened to me before).

It hurts when I breathe in deep, as well as walking at a normal pace.

I haven't worked out in two weeks and I really need to get back into it. Will cardio make my bruised rib worse? Is it pain I can suffer through that won't cause more damage?

Or should I just wait until it heals?

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