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Can working out to Much be an issue?

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Posts: 15
3/30/13 2:18 P

Thank you guys for your comments..
Now I have a question, how do I put a tracker thing that you guys have on your page. The one that moves every time weight is lost?

SparkPoints: (97,085)
Fitness Minutes: (74,720)
Posts: 2,905
3/30/13 6:15 A

Well it is entirely up to you but you need to make sure you are eating enough of carb protein combination to keep up with what you burn. Perhaps you could switch out at least one cardio day for strength training.

Other than that you can change your settings as was mentioned earlier

SparkPoints: (92,267)
Fitness Minutes: (62,132)
Posts: 16,616
3/30/13 4:58 A

Go to the fitness tracker and at the bottom enter the number of calories you think you can burn in a week. This may put up your calorie intake.

When you get it right, no more red messaged on the tracker.

I have used this when I have been injured and have not been able to exercise as much. Please bear in mind that if you put it down your intake calories will go down.

Posts: 426
3/30/13 4:23 A

I'm sure it can be but that has never been my issue.

SparkPoints: (133,475)
Fitness Minutes: (85,626)
Posts: 6,728
3/29/13 11:46 P

I'm with previous poster -- change the tracking info on your Fitness page (ie. # of days, how many minutes, option to count steps, add strength training...and so on!)

SparkPoints: (211,102)
Fitness Minutes: (190,480)
Posts: 6,651
3/29/13 11:46 P

I work out a hour and a half on most days and I feel great!!!

Posts: 1,809
3/29/13 11:29 P

I don't see how working out for 50 minutes five days a week can be bad. I wish I was up to that. Wishes sometimes come true, so maybe mine will be granted soon. Good job I say! :)

Posts: 199
3/29/13 2:37 P

Did you manually enter your exercise expectations/ calorie burn in the set up? It will likely give you a slightly higher calorie range to accommodate your activity. Then you can make sure you are eating enough.

Posts: 15
3/29/13 1:32 P

I just joined spark people, I am a person that works out 5days a week for 50 mins, cardio.
Now that I see my daily tracker seems like I'm working out to much..
I don't want to stop working out.. What can I do?

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