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3/2/13 2:25 P

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I hadn't received any other replies after yours so decided to try again under a different board. Thankfully someone was there and replied almost immediately! She included a link to a SP article that showed me exactly how to do this. I was pretty sure I had already created one myself (because it sounded like me emoticon ), but didn't remember how I did it. So here is the link:

Click on the link to "Other Goals", then "add/remove" and you can add your own goals. Have fun!

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2/28/13 5:42 P

That is a really good question. I have never thought of that. Hope the answer is yes!

CHRISMINN SparkPoints: (15,004)
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2/28/13 5:40 P

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I'm not having great results lately and think that maybe if I work on some Spark Streaks that I may have more success. However, I went to the Spark Streak page and as far as I can see we can only choose those streaks listed there. Is there a way to create my own custom streaks? For instance, "get up from my desk at least once every hour". Any help you can offer will be appreciated!

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