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if you got down to 155 within the past month or two, it's been a pretty brutally hot summer. hotter weather means you perspire and breathe out more moisture, so you have to put it back in by drinking. odds are also in favor of you moving around more at a lighter weight than at a heavier weight, which in turn means more water. have you also looked at your other beverage consumption? your body will take water out of whatever you drink. so if all you give it is soda, it will take the water out of soda. but if you've been maintaining at a lighter weight, was part of that change reducing the amount of a more caloric beverage? if so, the increased water would be making up for the decrease in that other beverage.

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I have always just done fine drinking 6 glasses of water per day until recently. When I got down to 155 I noticed that I would start having muscle cramps and I would perspire at the slightest amount of doing any physical activity. Now if I do not drink at least 8 glasses a day I suffer from the cramps. Why would my water needs suddenly change?

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