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As a chef, we ordered gallon jars of peeled whole cloves of garlic to cut down on prep time. The garlic stayed fresh for easily a month but was usually gone before the month was up. If you have access to one of those seal a meal things you can put a handful in each bag, suck out all the air and store in the frig. Oxygen is the enemy of most produce, so by breaking into smaller portions you keep most of it sealed up nice and tight. Cooked food always lasts longer than raw food. Roast a good portion of your garlic drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper. Wrap in foil and roast at 425 or 450 until cloves are quite soft. Roasted garlic has a million uses, it's much milder than raw garlic and as I said, lasts longer in the frig. You can also use the raw garlic to make garlic flavored oil but you will have to remove and discard the garlic from the oil after infusion to prevent the garlic rotting in the oil. Store the oil in a very cool, dark space to prolong the shelf life of the oil. My last and least favorite way to use masses of peeled garlic is to mince the garlic, put it into a clean Mason jar, cover with olive oil, and add a generous portion of kosher salt. Mix well. The salt will inhibit mold growth but be careful using this garlic in recipes. Cut back on any added salt required in the recipe or your finished product will be oversalted. Hope this helps!

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I asked my husband he said you can store them in olive oil to keep them from molding. You can store in a sealed bag or jar also. If you use olive oil the garlic will infuse into the olive oil. Hopes this helps

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7/23/13 10:34 A

We store our garlic on the shelv in our pantry my husband takes off a clove and uses what he needs and returns the rest of the garlic to the shelf. Ours has stayed that way fine between uses.

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7/20/13 5:20 P

Ask your restaurant friend how to store them.

I have a fruit/vegetable storage chart I found somewhere online. Try googling "storing garlic."
My chart says they are best stored on a counter top, out of the refrigerator. But that's with the presumption that they have the skins on.

I ignore the chart on this one b/c my counter top is small and already crowded with other fruits and veggies. I store mine in the frig. Garlic, like onions, only lasts so long. Expect to keep them no more that about a month or so no matter what you do. Try to use them up! Garlic is so yummy AND healthy!

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7/16/13 9:47 A

I have some galic cloves that I got from a friend that owns a restaurant. They do not have the skins on them as he gets them in big plastic bottles so they are just the cloves. I had them in a plastic, airtight container (so I thought) but my fridge was stinking. I put them in a clean, glass jar but do they need any olive oil in them to keep them fresh or just as they are in the bottle is enough? I hope someone has an idea for me because I don't want all that good garlic to go to waste.

Thank you in advance

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