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3/30/14 12:10 P

When I look at the on-line database, I only see NDB numbers with 5 digits; and I do not see 3572 or a 3573.

A 21 ounce steak would never have "just" 187 calories.

I am guessing it is an error.


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3/29/14 7:59 P

Sorry about that, but yes. At the top of that page is a button "About the Database", selecting that will bring up another page "
?docid=8964", about half way down is a link "Download the SR26 files for use on your computer.", That's what I used.

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3/29/14 7:54 P

this is the web address I used to download the data I'm referencing here.
docid=8964. I just clicked the download button on this page.

3/29/14 7:42 P

I couldn't find your reference numbers for Beef, Bottom Round, Steak on the USDA site.
Is this the site you are using???:

Things that can vary the analysis: amount of trimmed fat, fat and lean, just lean, cooking method, bone-in or not.

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3/29/14 7:26 P

That second one seems like an error. The food database, alas, isn't perfect science. Bottom round is usually around 50-60 calories an ounce depending on fat content. I believe Spark should have a more accurate calculation for you.

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3/29/14 7:06 P

According to the USDA food database (item 3572) a Beef, Bottom Round Steak of 290 grams (10.23 oz) when cooked - broiled - will yield 223 kcal of energy when eaten. While (item 3573) a Beef, Bottom Round Roast of 600 grams (21.16 oz) when cooked - roasted - will yield 187 kcal of energy when eaten. How can eating twice the amount, of the same cut of meat, result in a 16% decrease when consumed ?

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