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7/11/08 8:56 P

I was thinking about that term "back on track." It almost implies a journey that you have to follow and you aren't allowed to veer off at all. I think for me, I have to think about today day at a time. More than that is too overwhelming.

DINAHGIRL SparkPoints: (13,955)
Fitness Minutes: (2,726)
Posts: 962
7/11/08 8:56 P

I was thinking about that term "back on track." It almost implies a journey that you have to follow and you aren't allowed to veer off at all. I think for me, I have to think about today day at a time. More than that is too overwhelming.

DINAHGIRL SparkPoints: (13,955)
Fitness Minutes: (2,726)
Posts: 962
7/11/08 8:56 P

I was thinking about that term "back on track." It almost implies a journey that you have to follow and you aren't allowed to veer off at all. I think for me, I have to think about today day at a time. More than that is too overwhelming.

DINAHGIRL SparkPoints: (13,955)
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7/11/08 8:55 P

I was thinking about that term "back on track." It almost implies a journey that you have to follow and you aren't allowed to veer off at all. I think for me, I have to think about today day at a time. More than that is too overwhelming.

7/11/08 5:12 P

Thanks TMollie. This week has been one heck of one. Adear friend of the family her funeral was this week today I went to a friend of my boys that I considered one of my "kids" as well. Very emotional for so many of her friends, she was only 25. Not sure if she died of complications from a recent birth or she may have od. She was a very smart young lady just was doing things that we don't understand why she done it. So I need to get back on track again.

Debbie Proud Army Mom Richard Iraq

LADYBUGVIV Posts: 1,032
7/11/08 7:43 A

WE can. We are not dead yet and while there is life there is hope.

Let's do it!

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7/11/08 7:07 A

I'm certainly hopefull that over 50 year and out of shape has a shot or at least getting health. Heck not expecting to look like was 21 again but much smaller and a whole lot heathier would is my goal.

SPARKLE-SHINE Posts: 1,870
7/10/08 10:32 P

Today I have another thought about the difficulty that I have at my age-59- with losing weight. I am not so sure how much is slowing metabolism and hypothyroidism as it is years of accumulated bad eating habits that linger. I know I can relearn or learn new habits, but it sure seems to be taking a lot of time, even when I tackle them one at a time. Oh, well..I won't give up. Perseverance is my middle name!

TMOLLIE Posts: 126
7/10/08 7:59 P

I agree, it does keep me going emoticon

DINAHGIRL SparkPoints: (13,955)
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7/10/08 6:54 P

Bumping this up because it is so motivational!

EMJAY4131 Posts: 2,101
7/7/08 11:26 A

Yep, you can do it. It just takes us "older" folks a little bit longer.

Take care, don't give up!

ONEDAY@ATIME1 SparkPoints: (42,549)
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7/6/08 9:33 P

I'm over 50 and it's hard to get the weight off but regular exercise and good eating habits will make my heart and lungs stronger, even if I don't see much progress in the way my body looks. I think it just take longer for us 50+ year olds because our metabolism slows down as we age. Just keep the faith and consider all of the other benefits that we are gaining!! emoticon


TMOLLIE Posts: 126
7/5/08 7:50 P

I really hope it eases up soon for you. I will keep you in my thoughts.

MJOHN, welcome to the thread.
I have gotten so much encouragement from this one.
Don't be discouraged by the younger losing quicker. You are losing and that is good.

7/5/08 2:56 P

Having some pain but just have to deal with it until I can get into the doctor. I did go for a walk thought it may help but the pain is in a different area now in the right hip area oh well and sitting is really bothering me today so I get up more often than usual and I need to work on my counted cross stitch. Thank you for asking Tmollie I do appreciate the thoughts.

Debbie Proud Army Mom Richard Iraq

MJOHN40143 Posts: 91
7/5/08 2:25 P

Hi everyone

I'm new here. I have read through this thread and I agree with you all. It is harder once you get to be 50 or over, I'm 51. I joined Curves Nov/07 and someone younger joined 4 months ago and has lost 28 lbs. whereas I have lost 6 lbs. and about 18 inches. I am so frustrated but I won't and can't give up, not at this stage of life. Like it was said because of health reasons, Arthritis and Diabetes. Oh, I have 6 grandkids I'd like to see grow up. emoticon Mary

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TMOLLIE Posts: 126
7/5/08 1:58 P

Debbie, how are you doing today?

DINAHGIRL SparkPoints: (13,955)
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7/5/08 12:00 P

Good for you, Sparkle-Shine...your goals will definitely become a reality as you work toward them one step at a time!

DINAHGIRL SparkPoints: (13,955)
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7/5/08 11:59 A

Hi LeylaPrim, I feel the same way. If I can't do something, I'll find something I CAN do. That way I don't feel sorry for myself. I try not to focus on aches and pains, but instead try to move forward.

Yes, I've been in graduate school since Sept 06, so I'm plodding along, too. I'm getting a Master's in Multilingual/Multicultural Education and I'll graduate just after I turn 60. After that? Not sure, but I'll just go one step at a time.


SPARKLE-SHINE Posts: 1,870
7/5/08 11:56 A

Hi, I am 59, closing in on 60, and KNOW that I can do this. My husband and I are both retired and I am finding that my weight and the knee-foot-hip pain that comes with it are definitely keeping me from doing all the things I have dreamed of doing when I retired. It isn't easy, and gets harder by the pound, but that just means that it will take longer to reach my goals. Notice I didn't say the goals are impossible to reach, because they are not only a possibility, but are becoming a reality each day that I stay on program.

7/5/08 11:54 A

My surgery was last March, I am not released yet. In March of this year for the one yr ck up the doc seen a shadow around one of the anchors. I was to go back in May but my soldier was home on R&R and he took me to Myrtle Beach SC and I had to re-schedule which is now in Aug. The insurance we had during the surgery is no longer as the company chgnd companies. So I stopped PT as the new one won't pick up where the old left off and we have to start with new deductables and all. I can't afford $200 twice a week for PT!!! So I continue doing them at home and if I have a concern I call her up. I have rotation in the hip area and it was in control then the S joint has flared up. I think I am rotated again as I am having pain from my left side across the groin to my right leg. Soooooo I don't know what I will do. I haven't gone for my walk yet today and its suppose to be 96, I am not sure if I will get on the bike today as I am in pain as it is. So I am going to try to get my walk in and hope it may help with this pain if not then I will hv to take a pain pill. I do appreciate everyones help and advice.

Debbie Proud Army Mom Richard Iraq

7/5/08 9:46 A

DINAHGIRL, Hi, I really liked your Buddha saying. So even if my knees ache a little, hey I'm sitll walking and riding a bicyle and I'm greatful for that! It's great to see somebody else back in school again. I'm meandering my way towards a long unfinished B.A. What graduate degree are you seeking?

KSTUART3 SparkPoints: (13,279)
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7/5/08 7:35 A

Thank God for your son and all who are serving our country! How long ago did you have surgery? Are you trying to do too much too soon?

7/4/08 10:51 P

I am also 54 and feel that I can do it. My only frustration is not being able to do cardio and strength like I use to. Since I have had that double back fusion I am limited on exercise. Yesterday I got on my stationary bike and could only do 3 min, this bike the handles move as I peddle. Then last night my back bothered me it felt like around the incision swelling inside if that makes sense. My son in Iraq said it could be the scar tissue. I will do my back strengthening reps that the PT had me doing and working on my exercise ball. I know we are all here for each other and we can come here to vent. Good luck to all. I hope all had a nice and safe 4th of July.

Debbie Proud Army Mom

TURN707 Posts: 529
7/4/08 9:43 P

of course..i am 54 and i know i can do is about the passion and desire to accomplish the goal...nothing worthwhile is easy, but it can be done..patience didn't happen in a day...

DINAHGIRL SparkPoints: (13,955)
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7/4/08 9:28 P

I'm glad to see this thread and hear everyone's encouragement. I think it is a little harder the older we get, but that doesn't mean we can't! I believe the key is commitment and passion. With those, we can do it!

CECHONE Posts: 7,029
7/4/08 2:07 P

Sorry I hit the back button on my computer and it kept multiplying my message emoticon

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7/4/08 2:05 P

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7/4/08 1:59 P

I am also having a difficult time losing the weight. When I joined spark people I decided that if I set my goal too high I would sabotage myself so I set my goal for 23 pounds. I've lost ten pounds so far but it has been slow. For the last month I have only lost two pounds and maybe a half of an inch off my waist. I will not let that set me back. I have started to run/walk more and have kicked it up a notch. My goal is to run a ten minute mile which is great for me and slow for the younger ones in my family. I have some sons who like to run marathons but I'm happy to run to lose! It will come I know it will because even if it's slow the weight loss is still going in the right direction. I also believe that the inches are slower because the body has been stretched out so many times. Look I had five children! I will not give up!

KSTUART3 SparkPoints: (13,279)
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7/3/08 6:40 A

I'm 51 and we can definitly do this!! I feel so much healthier already and weightloss is just a part of this journey. Don't give up! emoticon Those of us over 50 are tough cookies!!!

TMOLLIE Posts: 126
7/2/08 11:02 P

You are right, it is harder to get it off as we get older.
I agree, with hard work and determination we will make it.
It helps me to have this thread and know I am not alone in this.

7/2/08 4:31 P

All of us in my WW group agree - the older we get the easier it is to add on extra weight without any effort or changes in our habits. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work though to get it back off. And the end result doesn't look like a 20 year old. Our bodies have changed.

Losing 14 lbs the past year is great - keep up the good work. I am sure you feel better for it.

7/2/08 3:25 P

It helps to see that I'm not alone in the quest to lose weight and get fit. I joined SP a year ago and just stopped visiting the website. I'm back on track and want to lose the next 30.

COLEYSMOM Posts: 1,235
7/2/08 11:50 A

I'm struggling. But, determined to lose the extra lbs the right way and be fit by exercising. You all are an inspiration to me.

7/1/08 8:15 P

What at terrific response from all of you. I was just feeling disappointed by the fact that it's so much harder to make progress with regaining strength and endurance. And to top it off I tried my kids Wii Fit and found out I have terrible balance as a result of weak core muscles. And when it calculated my "Wii Fit Age" it was the same as my real age, but everyone else in the family had a younger age. But I do feel motivated to keep trying now that I know so many others are as well. It helps so much.

JEWELRY224 Posts: 4
7/1/08 7:09 P

I too am struggling with losing weight. I was on WW and lost 30 pounds, gained 8 back over the holicays and am having a hard tme losing any more. I absolutely do not like exercise except walking. It's too warm to walk outside right now. I know, excuses, does get depressing. But I am determined to make it this time.

SING4YOU57 SparkPoints: (30,003)
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Posts: 1,676
7/1/08 6:26 P

I was feeling the same frustration. I spoke to my trainer and he thought I was working out too much (who knew you could) I was doing strength training 4 days a week and cardio 8-10 times a week and I wasn't taking a day of rest. I cut back to 6 days a week only and 1 session a day and BAM I lost 9 lbs, and have lost 5 more in each of the next consecutive 2 weeks.

It's never to late.... you (and I) have got to believe that otherwise why even bother. Good luck


BEV902 Posts: 17
7/1/08 5:51 P

I sure hope so. My goal is to loose 131 pounds. And I mean to do it. So let's get it togaether and go do it.

7/1/08 5:48 P

I'm 51 and have gained 25 pounds in the past three years. Yes, I believe that I can get into shape. It's going to take a while, but I believew that I can get into great shape if I make choices that further that goal.


REBCCA SparkPoints: (408,523)
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7/1/08 3:19 P

I did! Absolutely it can be done. I started out feeling proud to walk around the block and now a 2+ hour, 20+ mile bike ride 5 days a week feels like a piece of cake. It is exhilerating to become mindful and make the lifestyle changes to gain self-mastery.
It took nearly a year to lose the 50 pounds I was lugging around and building strength and stamina is just a matter of consistency and perseverance. It is so worth whatever effort it takes. emoticon

p.s. I was past 50 back in 2003 when I lost those 50 pounds

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TMOLLIE Posts: 126
7/1/08 1:36 P

you have made some excellent points, thank you.

WILD175133 Posts: 3
7/1/08 11:03 A

BudVioletRose I understand your frustration. I looked up your profile and looked at the picture of you and your daughter. To be honest I think you look great.

Now for the motivation speach here. You did not put the weight on over night and you will not take it off over night. I was in the same situation as you when my girl friend and I started our program a year ago last March. When we first started I weighed in twice a week and it took me three weeks to lose 3lb. Between the discouragement in the minor weight loss and the imense pain from working out it was very hard to continue. The only thing that kept me going was I really did not want to weigh 270lb and I was staring at the distinct possibility of a future stroke or heart attack if I did not do anything about my weight. My girl friend and I kept each other motivated when we first started and we supported each other in the change in our diet. The change in diet was really not that hard as we already ate alot of healthy things but we also ate a lot of things that were not so healthy. The first change in the diet was pretty simple in that we cut down on alot of the junk that we take shove in our mouth not because we are hungry but because we were bored. Then we cut down on the overall calorie intake first concentrating on cutting down on snacks.

I am 53 years old and in the past 15 months I have lost 45 pounds today I am down to 225lb and I still have a little ways to go before I hit my goal and some day I will reach it.

KIMLARUE Posts: 931
7/1/08 9:46 A

I have seen other people over 50 get fit and now I am going to do it. The only one you have to prove it to is yourself. If you believe in yourself and work at it you can do anything. emoticon

TMOLLIE Posts: 126
7/1/08 8:58 A

What a great thing to hear budvioletrose.
Yes I do think we can do this, just may take longer.

7/1/08 8:29 A

Today someone commented I was looking well and I think it's the extra "spark" from the exercise. We can do this!

CALISUE1 SparkPoints: (4,557)
Fitness Minutes: (2,615)
Posts: 31
6/30/08 10:18 P

I really hope that it's possible ... maybe it'll take longer ... but, I figure, if I don't lose the inches, at least I'll feel better. My grandkids need me to be more flexible so I can play better.

TMOLLIE Posts: 126
6/30/08 10:03 P

Glad I found this thread. I have really been struggling because my weight has been coming off so slowly.
I do some weight training, exercise biking, sit ups.
Good to know I am not alone in this, I am 54.

SATTVA Posts: 874
6/29/08 12:48 A

I agree. I have lost 5 pounds in 6 weeks of effort. This is a llloooooonnnnnnng plateau. To me it also looks like you are doing very well. Whether the results are visible to you or not, we both support you to keep going!


GGMOM06 Posts: 9,224
6/28/08 11:58 P

emoticon you have lost a lot and in a short time. I'm 64 and i'm starting to see some changes,very slowly. We just can't stop trying and it is very hard i agree. emoticon

6/28/08 11:01 P

or is it too late to really make a difference. I've been working hard for 6 weeks but don't really see much improvement and it still feels awfully hard. I do an hour on the treadmill at 3.5 miles and hour and 5% incline and a strength training program that a trainer helped me with but I'm wondering if my body just won't shape up.

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