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1/13/14 9:39 A

You might want to have it checked out. Better safe than sorry.

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1/13/14 6:55 A

The impact of running is hard on the body, and is something you should work up to gradually. It takes time for your leg muscles and tendons to adapt to the impact of running.

Before running you should build up a solid base of walking, then transition into running through a Couch to 5K program (which work through progressively increasing intervals of running and walking).

Shin splints and muscle soreness is the more normal result from trying to run too far, too fast, but bursting some small blood vessels in the lower legs (and thus associated bruising) is possible.

Build up to running gradually.


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1/13/14 6:23 A

I've never had that kind of reaction before, so I'm pretty sure it's not from the run.

I tend to get bruises and have no idea where they come from, but I didn't have it before the run. Who knows?! I'm like that Natasha Beddingfield song: "I bruise easily..." LOL!

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1/13/14 6:09 A

Could it have been something secondary, like your shoe hitting your calf?

I have run more than one 5k (even a 10k) with no training and no running for a few months before hand with nothing more than a little soreness. Even if you did injure yourself by running it with no practice, I don't think it would present that way.

I think it must have been something else, and you just now noticed.

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1/13/14 3:05 A

I was away from the gym for two months and after 2 cardio workouts, decided to run a 5km on the treadmill for my third workout. That was Saturday and today is Monday. I noticed this morning that I have a rather large bruise on my right calf, with smaller bruises almost radiating out around it. It looks like it isn't 100% brand new.

My muscle feels fine and even the bruise isn't particularly sore. Could this bruising be from the 5km, to which I'm certainly NOT accustomed or is this just another bruise like all the others I get from being a clumsy oaf?

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