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12/29/12 5:08 P

A medium-sized banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter is over 200 calories. If I'm under my calories, that's what I usually eat after dinner.

12/29/12 3:16 P

I suggest that you make your nutrition tracker public---this will help in giving food tips. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.
Dietitian Becky

12/29/12 1:59 P

Becky I am working very hard to get it past 1200 calories and yesterday I was at 900 calories when I was full. It was a challenge to bring this up to more acceptable level. Need List of high calorie food that are low in cholesterol (non-meats) and fats.

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12/29/12 1:55 P

In this case just the opposite. My exercise is raising my metabolism while my lack of calorie intake is crashing it. The net result has been weight loss of 4-6 pounds each week, anything over 1% of the body weight comes from muscle mass and that is never good, so I need to get the loss of weight down to 2-2.5 pounds a week.

12/29/12 1:48 P

80 pounds from recommended weight and losing too much each week 4-6 pounds, anything over 1% of weight usually comes from loss muscle mass. Therefore I need to get loss down to 2 pounds per week.

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12/29/12 1:30 P

Sometimes our SP program sets the calorie range "too high" for folks who have a greater amount of weight to lose (more than 100#). AND I am thinking this could be your situation. Is this correct??? I used the 250 pounds from your ticker.

I would suggest a 1400-1600 calorie range...monitor your weekly weight loss, your energy level, how you are feeling, etc. You can lose 2-3 pounds weekly and be fine.

What do you think??

SP Dietitian Becky

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12/29/12 1:00 P

If you don't eat the minimum calories recommended by SP, you won't lose weight. It's as simple as that. Drink an extra glass of milk. Your bones will thank you. Have some cottage cheese with fresh fruit. Eat a piece of whole wheat toast. Just do it.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
12/29/12 12:49 P

Is your participation in Spark People about losing weight? (I know that's why I come here, but there are other reasons, I'm sure.) If so, is your diet working for you? When was your latest physical? What did your doctor think? Knowing very little about you (height, for example, and your goals), I notice you say you feel fine. You say you eat well - healthy foods. There are lots of factors: weighing and measuring your food accurately and logging accurately (one of my own worst problems on a diet is forgetting I ate something), calculating what your caloric needs are accurately (Spark helps with thing), and figuring out what percentage of your daily diet is protein, carbs,etc.

Because adding a simple tablespoon of oil to a salad adds about 100-110 calories, it's hard to imagine not meeting your caloric limit. Then, again, the real test is: are you achieving your goal?

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12/29/12 12:38 P

Getting enough fuel to power your body through the day is important, so meeting your minimums is crucial!

Your problem is not unique, though, and Sparkpeople has an article that includes calorie-boosting in healthy ways that don't leave you feeling bloated and overstuffed!

12/29/12 12:30 P

My calorie range is 1590-? The end calorie range does not matter because I can't even seem to eat enough calories to reach 1590 calories, For the last week I was about 200 under this and yesterday I had to force myself to eat more just to get to 1200 I was full at 900 calories.

My diet is made up of very healthy food, low in meat products (3-4 oz) and all my foods are cooked from scratch, very little processed foods.

My energy levels are good and I am NOT light-headed or dizzy.

What do you recommend.

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