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"Like goasamer threads and vines that entangle, habits are like cobwebs till' they become cables."

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I have sometime used a process of linking a new behaviour to an old trigger.

An example was a young man who I did relaxation work with. I held his closed fist and had him tense the fist only as tightly as he was able to relax in response to my guiding him. I told his this was so that I could tell if what I was doing was working of if I should adjust my script(s). After several session I was able to observer in the real world, when people were pressing his nerve and he tensed his fist, his body tended to relax.

What I was trying to do was attache relaxation to an early response he had to tension which was to close his fist.

In my experience this often give a new choice point ant the person can go down either the old or new path.

For this young man it worked out for the six months that I remained in contact with him. (He continued in a program we ran, I did not see him for counselling for six months.

Habits are funning things, they can remain in place for a very long time, they can be the result of 1 trial learning, then can be replace, re-directed. etc.

In my opinion they are not always the same even when they appear to be very similar; therefore I think you have to explore what will work with each person and his or her unique history as to why or how s/he developed a given habit.

Just my 2 cents worth.


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Yes, you may have a point. According to a study mentioned in the linked article, it turns out that the old habits apparently never die, they sort of get suppressed. Apparently under certain conditions, they can emerge again, which would not be good after working on replacing it with a better one for so long.

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Haven't read the link yet (I will, thanks) but I believe that if you do something six times in a row, a habit starts to form. The same principle must apply to NOT doing something

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