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Can a 50 year old still lose weight?

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Posts: 2
8/4/10 10:53 A

Jan 09 I was 54. I joined Weight Watchers. By Jan 10 I had lost 83 pounds. I have had two foot surgeries and then injured my foot. Becdause of my foot, I did not exercize except to occasionally walk the dog. I don't recommend it as i am flabblier than I would like but it is possible to lose at 50 without spending your life at the gym. I lost every single week except for one.

Posts: 606
8/4/10 10:41 A

It's a slower process. I track every bite I take, weigh daily (to keep focus) and get some exercise every day works for me. My calorie requirements are lower than they were in my 30's by a lot. sigh.

Posts: 255
8/4/10 4:11 A

With sport (3-4 hours per week) and a little diet, anyone can loose weight. Just imagine from a sedentary life now making these two important changes...if will take time, but with determination, for sure you can make it too.

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8/3/10 9:20 P


Posts: 70
8/3/10 7:25 P

I am 49 and it is much more difficult to shed the weight now compared to when I was 26 and lost about 30lbs in 12 weeks on WW. I know I exercise more now than I did then. I agree with everyone else. Watch portions, get your protein, drink the water and also watch sodium.

Posts: 453
8/3/10 7:02 P

I'm 54. Have lost 26 pounds so far. Having support is one of the biggest factors in making this happen for me.

Posts: 1,702
8/3/10 6:39 P

I'm not 50 yet, but I'm 46 with a thyroid condition. I was gaining weight steadily for over 3 years (about .5-1 pound per month) and nothing seemed to reverse the trend, even when I worked out regularly. Finally, in January this year, I started Weight Watchers and lost over 30 pounds from Jan-April. I've kept it off since then, and switched to SparkPeople in July. Mostly, the weight loss was due to diet, although regular exercise keeps me motivated to be healthy.

I think the diet worked because I really learned better portion control for meals, and got rid of junky snacks and replaced them with healthy food.

Posts: 523
8/3/10 6:34 P

I am 54 and have also lost 20 lbs since January. Following the Spark plan has made it the easiest and most successful "diet" I have ever done. Yes, you can do it.

Posts: 2,403
8/3/10 6:29 P

I can definitely speak to this subject. I am 56 years old and have lost 96 pounds over about 11 months. I generally lose about 6.5 pounds per month but not always. That's less than 2 pounds a week but a tad more than 1. I'm happy with the loss because it's a loss. Slow and low gets results!

Good luck and know that if you want it bad enough, it's doable!

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Posts: 310
8/3/10 6:01 P

I think you will be surprised at how far food tracking & portion control paired with consistent exercise can get you. I lost 10 lbs. in July, and frankly I was shocked at how easily. I am in menopause and feared it would be more of a struggle. I agree about varying the intensities... I do selected weight training for about 20-30 minutes 6 days a week, and then get anywhere between 40 and 90 minutes more of moderate pace walking, moderate cycling on errands, etc. I only do an intense workout like running wind sprints or rugged terrain hiking a couple of times a week. And I set my calories to lose this weight over 18 months, so every day I try to net as close to my full 1800 calories as possible. I never feel hungry or exhausted, and the weight continues to steadily leave without much of a fight. The beauty of being an older person doing this: you finally know yourself! You won't waste time trying to exercise or eat in some weird, fad driven way. You really can craft routines that make you feel happy and powerful. So go for it!!

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Posts: 1,441
8/3/10 4:27 P

There's two things about the info you mentioned about going to the gym an hour a day to lose weight.

1) That study was talking about MODERATE exercise, not INTENSE exercise. During moderate exercise, you should be able to hold a conversation easily. If you incorporate a few sessions every week of intense exercise, where it's difficult to say more than a sentence at a time, you don't need to exercise as much.

2) This is the important one--in the study, THEY DIDN'T CHANGE THEIR EATING HABITS AT ALL! Losing weight is 80% nutrition--if you don't change your eating habits, of COURSE you're going to have to spend a lot of time exercising!

You CAN lose weight. Exercise for fitness, not for weight loss, and focus on what you eat.

Posts: 648
8/3/10 4:21 P

Do you watch the biggest loser? Helen was in her 50s and she won the whole show! She beat all the people in their 20s and 30s! You can definitely do it if you put your mind to it!

Posts: 2,603
8/3/10 2:06 P

AS the others said, yes you can lose, and no, you don't have to go to the gym for more than an hour a day. Or at all, for that matter. Those studies are very misleading in how they present info like that. I', 56 and I lose weight with 30 min. of walking a day, or less, and 2 twenty minute strength training sessions a week. I think the strength training helps a lot. But mainly it's eating less, and eating less junk that matters.

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Posts: 844
8/3/10 1:29 P

I'm 56 and have lost 31 pounds since January. It takes a big commitment but it is well worth it.

emoticon emoticon

Posts: 30,251
8/3/10 1:25 P

Guaranteed! I am 66 years young and have lost 23 pounds this year.
Track your food do your exercise and exercise PORTION CONTROL

Pat in Maine.

Posts: 1,377
8/3/10 1:04 P

Yes, of course you can.

Track your food, move your body, and don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it.

Posts: 1,255
8/3/10 1:02 P

I think at one point some medical group said that an hour of working out helps lose weight and a half hour helps maintain, but lots of people lose weight without stepping foot in a gym. It's all about what you eat. Are you tracking your food and following SP's nutritional guidelines?

Posts: 6,971
8/3/10 1:00 P

50+ CAN lose weight............I'm 63 and have lost 20 pounds since 2/10. (10 since I found SP). You need to track your food and exercise daily. I thought I was eating OK, but found out after tracking for a couple of weeks that I wasn't getting enough protein in my diet. Upped the protein and doing much better. I also try to exercise everyday..........10 minutes minimum (some days barely get that in) usually I dance to old time rock and roll. The third most important thing to remember is to drink water, water............8+ glasses a day.
I have 1-2 per meal and sip a couple more through out the day. Being consistent usually gets the best results. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Posts: 15,936
8/3/10 12:52 P

"I have heard that unless I just stay at the gym 1 hour every day I can only maintain. Is this true. "

Curious as to where you heard that...
but it is not true.

Posts: 94
8/3/10 12:48 P

Definitely I have lost 50+lbs. It takes longer, but it is possible.

Posts: 121
8/3/10 12:44 P

I have heard that unless I just stay at the gym 1 hour every day I can only maintain. Is this true.

I am having trouble shedding pounds. Matter of fact, I will lose 1 and the next week gain it back. I feel that this may be true. I do not want to believe it. HELP! SUGGETIONS!

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