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This is something no one has discussed yet. if you're going to give the 5K a try, do make sure you're fitted for proper running shoes. Don't wear any old shoe. your feet will need good support if they are going to handle the impact of running.

Go to a reputable running store if you can or at the very least a good sports store. Fleet Feet is a good quality national chain. You should see if there is one near you if you don't have a reputable running store nearby.

Your feet will need proper support when you walk or run. Also, make sure those shoes are only used for running. Don't wear them as every day shoes, they'll wear out too quickly. I have shoes that I only wear for runs. When they start wearing out, then they become every day gym shoes.

So, do go to a good running or sports store ASAP for a decent pair of shoes. Don't skimp on your feet. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause problems for your feet, ankles, knees and hip joints. running really is pretty hard on a person's body. Right now, I don't run more than 4 days a week. that's my max.

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I'm a certified running coach and have been training beginner runners for over 3 years. The program I teach (which is similiar to the C25K) has runners starting out with 2 minutes of running and at the end of 8 weeks they can run for 30 minutes and can complete a 5K. Now most of the people that come into the program have been walking for a while and are ready for the next step.

I guess the question for you is do you have any kind of a fitness base? Can you walk for long periods of time without being sore or winded? Can you walk at a fast pace? If you don't have any kind of fitness base it will probably be difficult to run the 5K, but walking shouldn't be a problem. If you have some type of base (i.e. cross training or any other type of physical activity) then you can walk and add 30 seconds or 1 minute intervals. In 5 weeks you might be able to work up to running for 3 minutes (but only if you have a fitness base).

So what you need to do is evaluate where you are physically. If you find yourself in pretty good shape then you can start with walking and adding in short intervals of running. However, if you have not been active is some time then you need to start with a walking only program. Trying to run after a period of inactivity can cause injury. There's no shame in walking a 5K. I have several friends that do it and I swear they can walk faster than I can run sometimes.

Also, evaluating your diet will help drop weight which will make walking/running much easier. Eating a healthier diet will not only help you lose weight but it will give you more energy to get through your workouts.

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I would hope you could walk a 5K in 5 weeks. emoticon

Seriously though, are you completely untrained now? If so, you could try to walk a mile and see where you're at. If you're untrained, I'm not sure running any of it makes any sense.

The best training you could do is diet. I wouldn't rely on the wife, start setting up your own diet, start a ridiculously good tracking habit and start losing. You could probably drop 10-15 pounds in a month with relative ease. That's going to probably help you a lot more than a rigorous training plan.

Just eat right and walk as much as you can.

Just my opinion.

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The impact of running is hard on the body, as a force of 3-4 times your bodyweight goes through your legs as each step lands. And obviously more weight = more impact.

Your leg muscles and tendons do adapt to the impact, but it does take time.

It is generally recommended that you build up a solid walking base (2-3 months) before transitioning to running. And then when you do transition to running, a Couch to 5K plan
is definitely the way to go.

But I understand that pride is involved, and that you want to prove your friends and the doubters wrong.

My advice would be to start walking now - 3-5 times per week. Hopefully in a few weeks you are walking 5K comfortably. And if you are feeling comfortable by 14th September, you can perhaps try week 1 of C25K, so that you can at least run a few 1 minute intervals by the 21st.

Also, keep your running speed down at this stage - less speed = less impact. You should aim at a pace that is not all that much faster than your fastest walking pace.

When it comes to running, run no more than 3 times per week (to allow your muscle to recover from the impact and get stronger), although it is fine to do some lower impact exercise (eg. walking, cycling, elliptical) on non-running days. But do include a genuine rest day at least once per week.

And one other suggestion. Having built up this momentum for Sept 21st, don't waste it. See if you can find a Turkey Trot in your area in late November, so that you have a motivation to continue with the rest of C25K.


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A friend is having a bachelor party on Sept. 21 with optional drop-in components all day. BBQ at night, games in the day, and a 5K walk / jog / run that morning.

Is it possible for me, a 300+ lbs. man to train to walk / jog / run a 5K in less than five weeks?

What do I need to know? What do I need to do? What do I need to NOT do?

I have access to the Y and I'm ready to get back on the bandwagon. My wife is trying to cook healthier (and better tasting) meals. And I think a lot of people assume I'm not doing it. And I'm thinking, really, maybe I should.

You don't know me but many of you have been on a similar journey and I'd appreciate your feedback.

What do you think, please?

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