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SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
4/2/13 11:18 A

Cardio is definitely a better calorie burn. Are you doing intervals on any of your cardio days?

I do yoga on my rest day and for stretching on the other days. It keeps me lose, helps prevent injury and helps with combating imbalances.

Are you an emotional or stress eater? If so, it may be helpful on the nutrition side. My sister is losing weight after starting tai chi. She's not burning a ton of calories, but she said it has helped her overcome night-time eating binges. She's losing more from consuming fewer calories, not so much the activity.

You could always try it for a month and see if it works for you. And I promise it is much more difficult than relaxing on your couch at home.

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ERICADURR Posts: 243
4/2/13 11:06 A

Instead of replacing, I'd probably do yoga on an active rest day to stretch your muscles and put your head in the right place. :) I don't burn many calories at all while doing yoga, but I always feel looser and more pleasant after I participate in it.

NOBLEEQUESTRIAN SparkPoints: (5,640)
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4/2/13 10:46 A

Yoga is better than nothing, but it's not really an exercise designed for weight loss. Don't get me wrong, the health benefits are amazing (relaxation, strength building, flexibility) but it doesn't burn as many calories as people think. Even 'power yoga' does not burn too many calories.

In my experience too many people use yoga as their main weight loss method but what they really need to do is start running, swimming etc. The health benefits of weight loss is MUCH greater than the health benefits of yoga. I'd rather reduce my risk of stroke or heart attacks than have a more 'stress free' evening.

If you have to choose between yoga and cardio for weight loss, you will want to cardio. However if you have extra time some yoga will provide you with benefits as well.

BUNNYVUNE Posts: 110
4/2/13 10:26 A

There are 50 gazillion different types of yoga out there. If you like to move, you need to look for a power yoga, ashtanga, Bikram, or vinyasa class.

In addition to the physical benefits, yoga, in general, will teach you to be more mindful of everything, including how you're fueling your body.

GECKO722 SparkPoints: (32,541)
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4/2/13 10:24 A

I've been doing yoga for a couple years now. I think if I had to replace one of my workout days with it I would pick a strength training day rather than a cardio. Yoga is a form of static exercise rather than dynamic, and while I can't say it was directly linked to losing weight, I know it helped me tone and strengthen my muscles. I saw a shift in my measurements after I started doing yoga and I'm prone to knee problems but found it helped my knees significantly. I'm not sure if once a week would have too dramatic of an impact, I added yoga three times a week on top of my workout routine.

VIRGOGURL4 SparkPoints: (59,818)
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4/2/13 10:12 A

I generally hate slow-paced exercise such as yoga and pilates because I like to sweat hard at the gym. But lately, I've been thinking about making a drastic change to my routine, and cutting out one day of cardio for a yoga class instead. (I exercise six days a week.) Has anyone successfully lost weight while taking a yoga class instead of a cardio workout? What were some of the benefits? Did you burn calories? Did it help you tone up? I'm only interested if it can help with my weight loss goals -- I can relax at home on the couch lol.

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