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9/9/13 7:27 P

JJ625JONES Hello,

Vacation is an excellent motivation. It worked for me and was wonderful to go see friends without any extra 'baggage'. emoticon

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9/9/13 1:00 P

Neglecting to see family because you are overweight is your choice. The thing with waiting (and forgive me for being blunt) is you don't know how much time you really have left with any friends or family. Would you really let a few pounds stand in the way?

You need to decide if seeing your friends and family is more important to you then losing the weight before you see them.

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9/8/13 7:36 P

You can use whatever you want as motivation. (I still think you should go, you shouldn't neglect the relationships with the people who care about you. I'm sure they'd be thrilled to see you at any weight but that's your choice).

Vacations often kick up my motivation, haha. It's when I'm on them that motivation starts waning. I'm currently working up to one right now, going camping in 3 days and have been trying to shed a few pounds over the last few weeks. Likely because I know I'll put back on a few pounds. emoticon

When I first started losing weight. I used camping as my motivation. I even used a photo of our favourite campground's beach as my wallpaper on my Sparkpage. I listed all the things I'd be able to do while camping if I were 50 lbs lighter. I set a few goals for myself for the next time I returned the following year, like 'run over the massive dunes to the beach'. Well I accomplished it! I lost 58 lbs by the following May 2013 (started Spark Aug 2012) and I ran over those dunes, barely breaking a sweat.


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9/8/13 6:54 P

before or during?????????????

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9/8/13 6:37 P

Is it ok to use a vacation as motivation to lose weight? How do I do this?
I have some friends and family in the states I want to visit, but keep putting it off since I haven't lost enough weight, I want to go when I'm shape and feel good about myself. I know some people will probably say I should just go, but Id rather not.

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