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YISMET Posts: 364
5/22/11 10:18 P

Every person's body is different. My best friend has been treated for anxiety and some other disorders for about 2 years now. She does take fish oil and it has not interfered with her anxiety, but all medicines and supplements she takes are 100% regulated her doctor, therapist, and psychiatrist together.

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5/22/11 9:58 P

yup there have been studies about omega 3s stabilizing mood behaviors like minor depression. i take maxalife and so far i'm okay for several months now. but yes, you will have to consult with your doctor prior to taking any supplement to avoid problems like drug interaction.

good luck! :)

2/5/11 10:50 A

To the original poster...
thank you for clarifying.
My main concern for our 5 million plus members, is that someone may alter their current medical treatment based on the response of another member--and NOT seek the needed attention and input from their medical doctor. No two patients are alike, each having different medical history and medical needs. Changing one's medical plan without doctors input can be dangerous evenly deadly.

This is why I always refer to one's physician on such matters.

Dietitian Becky

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2/5/11 5:16 A

My psychiatrist told me to take fish oil for depression. Do you feel anxiety right after you take it or this is a build up in your life? I would talk to your doctor just to make sure everything physically is ok.
Though in your life you may have not changed anything anxiety can happen. I have anxiety and sometimes nothing changes but I am so anxious. Meds have helped to a degree along with self help tools

KERRYLOU32 Posts: 24
2/4/11 8:37 P

I have also just started taking fish oil pills. I can't speak about your anxiety as i have not had an experience with that but i can give a tip for the "fish burps". I freeze the pills for about an hr (or two) and take them right before bed. It works like a charm and no gross fishy burps.

2/4/11 7:49 P

i have never heard of omega three's causing anxiety just the opposite in fact

DIDIDIHU Posts: 333
2/4/11 5:31 P

Omega 3 oils: been there done that and not all that impressed except by the price.

ANGEL_789 Posts: 51
2/4/11 5:30 P

I appreciate your concern, but please read my original post again. I am NOT asking for medical advice, I am merely asking if anyone else has experienced anxiety after beginning fish oil supplements. It's no different than asking if anyone else feels sick after taking a multivitamin. I would not ask for or use medical advice given by strangers on the internet. However, it is not a bad place to see if anyone else has had a similar experience as you, which I believe is a major function of these message boards, is it not?

As far as the specific product is concerned, perhaps you should look into it. It is a widely used and highly praised omega-3 supplement. It's been publicized in numerous health & fitness magazines, newsletters, and other medical publications. You can get all the information you want at It may be of interest to you as a dietitian.

2/4/11 4:50 P

I am not familiar with Coromega, but a claim that it is absorbed 300 times better---that is very questionable??? Is this the type and amount your doctor wants you to take. Are you experiencing some medication-supplement interaction...there are so many variables...once again, that is why you need to talk to your doctor.

ANGEL_789 Posts: 51
2/4/11 4:45 P

Thank you Becky, but I WASN'T asking for medical advice, I was merely asking if anyone else has experienced this problem with fish oil / omega-3 supplements.

Also, my doctor is aware I am taking these supplements. Again, I was only asking if anyone else had a similiar experience.

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2/4/11 3:15 P

It is inappropriate for this site, our wonderful members and our experts to guess about your medical health needs. You need to be having this conversation with your medical provider or a therapist who is trained in mental health issues, medications and supplements. While fish oil supplements can be purchased over the counter---it still requires professional advice on usage for meeting medical needs.

SP Registered Dietitian Becky

ANGEL_789 Posts: 51
2/4/11 2:21 P

No, I've never been on any type of meds for anxiety or depression, and have never really had this type of problem before. I've had my times where I've been down or stressed out, but this is different. It's hard to really describe, but I know something isn't right and it started so suddenly there has to be a reason for it.

I'm definately open to therapy if stopping the coromega doesn't help, but I do hope that's the reason behind it. Thanks!

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2/4/11 2:18 P

As someone who battled horrible anxiety for quite some time, I can tell you that the "link" to the Omega 3's could just be a coincidence. Often there is a "trigger" for anxiety in people, but sometimes it comes pretty much out of nowhere. It did for me.

You may want to discontinue the use of the supplement for awhile and see if you feel better. If not, I encourage you to see a therapist and be treated for your anxiety. And remember...there are lots of ways to deal with anxiety that don't include taking a pill. Look for a therapist who is willing to teach you those instead of just throwing a drug at you.

NUTMEG1125 Posts: 2,002
2/4/11 2:06 P

maybe switch to eating omega 3 eggs?

Are you on an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety med?

ANGEL_789 Posts: 51
2/4/11 1:58 P

I've been trying to take fish oil for awhile now, but have a hard time remembering to take them 2-3x a day (and don't get me started on the "fish burps"). I recently found a product called "Coromega" which I thought was great; my Omega 3's in one dose a day, it tastes good, and it's supposed to be absorbed 300x better than regular capsules. I started taking it in mid to late December and have been taking it daily every since.

However, right around the end of December I started feeling this unexplained anxiety and general feeling of dread/unease. I'm having irrational thoughts that I can't stop obsessing about despite knowing they're irrational.

The only thing I've changed was beginning to take that omega 3 supplement on a consistent daily basis. I know omega 3's are supposed to help with anxiety/depression, but surely that's not true for every single person? I've found little online, but did find a few forums where people have had the same experience. Just wondering if anyone here has had this problem? I'm going to stop taking it and see if my anxiety improves, I just hate losing the health benefits of the omega 3's.

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