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10/5/13 1:05 P

If your diet is in order, you'll lose weight and likely develop a strong core while neglecting your other muscles.

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10/5/13 12:56 P

I am not afraid to have visible muscles, but I don't want them TOO VISIBLE. I mean, like I said before - I am aiming for something similar like Nina Dobrev's body, because we have the same body frame and shape, and I can't think of any better example, and no - I am not crazy fan of her's :D :D

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10/5/13 10:44 A

If you are afraid of looking muscular, just diet and don't bother exercising.

10/5/13 10:37 A

Yes, I was referring to her obliques. So, back to the topic: is my plan not too much? And how should it affect me? :)

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10/5/13 9:12 A

Are you possibly referring to her obliques? She does have very pronounced obliques.

Don't over work your core....

I have seen very, very few women who strength train with crazy oblique action like hers.

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10/5/13 8:29 A

Please review a chart of the human anatomy there are no muscles which show that way in that area, those are hip bones.

10/5/13 8:07 A

Oh no, those are muscles, if they were hips, would look different. :)

10/5/13 7:47 A

I believe that those prominences are her hip bones not hypertrophied muscles.

10/5/13 6:29 A

But I'm referring to the way her body looks, to make sure - I'm perfectly aware that she has low body fat percentage, but the muscles near her hips, that's not what I want, and please don't judge me, but in my opinion - those muscles are not feminine.

10/4/13 5:44 P

Pink is far and away not muscular, she if FIT! Being fit and athletic is more feminine in my opinion than being a skinny fat clothes horse as if you were a runway model for Sasson.

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10/4/13 5:00 P

You will look like, you... with girl muscles. Girl muscles are not bulky but make you look firm with lines and curves. Unless you have an abnormally high level of testosterone, are genetically more masculine shaped, take performance enhancing supplements and spend hours in the gym.

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10/4/13 4:49 P

@SM: an image of Pink

Frankly, her muscle tone is pretty amazing and about what I'm aiming for (though we have very different body types). Also keeping in mind that good lighting and a deft hand with the photo shop were involved as well. Her body is going to age well because the skin has something underneath supporting it. Skin with no muscle beneath it just sags faster.

10/4/13 4:29 P

Seems you have a fixation on being thin and lacking in muscularity. First point, not sure who the reference to Pink is but in general women do not appear "muscular" without the use of physiology boosters of some sort to increase their testosterone levels to bias them towards those of men. You have a programme which will make you flexible and have a good cardiovascular system but in effect you will be also wasting some of the muscle you currently have. It is your option to look in a certain society driven image of self or be healthy and fit.

10/4/13 4:04 P

I don't know what to do, see for October, November and December I made myself a "plan" which of course includes healthy nutrition (besides I am vegan), and it also includes daily exercising which is: jogging daily and addition to that - one day - belly dancing, one day - Pilates, and so on. And I don't know if I should do this, because I don't want to look like Pink, she's very... hm... muscular :D I mean, how would I look? I know the question is ridiculous, but I'm still asking. :D

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10/1/13 8:17 P

Yeah... I had to look her up and wouldn't describe her as "lean". Gwen Stefani, Pink, Fergie, Jessica Biel and Cameron Diaz would be lean. She doesn't have any muscle tone and actually just looks thin and soft. So... just jog a lot and lose weight?

She is a healthy weight for her height if her stats are accurate; 5' 6 and 121 lbs. BMI 19.5 but she lacks any sort of definition whatsoever.

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10/1/13 8:13 P

I am with the husband on this one, her legs are scrawny and way too thin for my taste almost to the point of looking as if she has an eating disorder.. I prefer athletic women to the emaciated model types. Resistance training is the needed add on to your programme, Pilates and yoga alone will not get you fit and healthy.

10/1/13 7:16 P

Go for it, she has a very nice body (my husband disagrees, but whatevs!)

I agree with the others, you might want to add strength training. That is how you are going to get the definition. Good luck and post pictures when you make your goal. :)

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10/1/13 7:07 P

You can do anything you set your mind to, giving up is not an option

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10/1/13 3:43 P

Contrary to popular belief, programs like yoga and pilates won't give you a "lean, long look" the way they claim. What determines how you look is overall body fat percentage and genetic makeup.

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10/1/13 3:15 P

To become lean you must lose fat and build muscle through weight training. "Lean" has to do with body fat % more than scale weight, ie; muscle to fat ratio.

I would add a full body weight training routine where you use challenging weight/resistance to reach muscle fatigue in 6-10 reps before increasing weight/resistance.

10/1/13 2:55 P

Hey, I'm not trying to become her, I just like her body, because it's lean. My nutrition is very good, and I surely am happy with myself, I just want to feel better (if it's possible) in my own skin, you know.

JCWIAKALA Posts: 347
10/1/13 1:51 P

We can't control where we lose fat...that's determined by our genetics. To look lean, the best form of exercise is weight training. Even more important than exercise is your nutrition.

I totally understand being inspired by someone else, but I think you'll find more happiness in just trying to be the best "you" and not trying to be like someone else. No matter how hard you try, you can't BE that person. So be careful that your inspiration doesn't ultimately discourage you.

10/1/13 1:27 P

Hi everyone :) So, I am almost at my goal weight, though my tracker was updated long time ago :D But I was wondering about my workouts. For a long time, my inspiration was Nina Dobrev, and I have the same body type like her's, and I was wondering, can I "make" my body similar to her's - lean, without doing yoga, just pilates, jogging and belly dancing (cause that's what I usually do)?

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