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5/28/11 12:09 P

Those podcasts are so cool, thanks! Any opurtunity to simplify things is welcome in my book!

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5/27/11 9:11 P

Thank you all for your replies! I think I'll stick with every other day and I'll skip weeks if it's too easy. Thanks again!

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
5/27/11 6:02 P

Next time you go running, just do all you can. It may not be a full 5K if you haven't been running lately, but do what you can and start back from there. I run at least a 5K 3x/week; if you can do it there's no reason you shouldn't; you don't have to be training for a 5K to run the distance.

5/27/11 5:05 P

Hello Chris - C25K is Couch to 5K. It is a program originally developed by . You can also find an iPod/iPhone app for it, which I highly recommend. It's a great way to get started, IMHO. Hope this helps. :)

5/27/11 1:56 P

When I took some time off of C25k around week 7 or 8 (hurt my ankle), I felt like I still had enough fitness to not start totally over, but I wanted to ease into it.

I ended up running every other day, but I only did each week's workout once until I felt it was challenging me again. I feel like that plan worked pretty well.

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5/27/11 12:53 P

what is c25k and where do I learn more about it? I want to get back into running, I used to do it in high school and I miss it

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5/27/11 12:45 P

Doesn't the plan specifically say to do it three times a week on alternate days? I thought that was partially so your muscles have time to become conditioned to running as it is a high impact and some would say advanced form of cardio. There is no problem for most people to walk every day though. Also it is good to cross train with more than one activity to use your muscles in different ways and also to cut back on the liklihood of over use injuries. You may find that you progress faster than you did last time if you have stayed fit with other activities. To progress faster without doing it every day... You could make sure you are fitting in a good strength training program as this helps prevent injury and fitter muscles mean more endurance and your can run faster. You can do another form of cardio to help increase your lung capacity and aerobic fitness. You can do yoga or flexibility work to help prevent injuries from tight muscles that some runners experience. I know a lot of people like to run four days a week and it seems good for them so it depends on you I guess. But the program is intended for three days per week and for good reasons.

5/27/11 11:41 A

As my schedule is crazy, and I fit in at least 3 - 4 jogs/runs a week, I did (had to, really) double a few days on the C to 5K. As long as we were doing intervals, it was okay for me. When we picked up the longer runs (20 minutes +, no walking), I found it hurt to do it back to back, so I do my best to put a day in between. Point is, listen to your body. You can give it a try, take it easy while doing so, and if there's any discomfort or you find yourself lacking in form due to fatigue from the previous day, stop.

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
5/27/11 10:07 A

I agree with Zorbs. Even experienced runners generally don't run every day. It increases your risk of injury, and you also need rest to develop your muscles.

There's nothing wrong with skipping weeks, though (or repeating them if you're not ready to move on.) The reason the C25K-type programs are gradual is so that people don't find it too uncomfortable and give up. If you're not uncomfortable, that means you're ready to increase your intensity and can move on to the next week. If you feel like you shouldn't break the "rules," do some googling and find a different 5K training program that's designed to take less time. There are lots out there, and you can find one designed to take anywhere from 16 weeks down to 4 weeks.

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5/27/11 9:04 A

I disagree. You can do cardio every day, but as a new runner, you should be doing the C25K workouts every other day, 3x a week as the program states. Your muscles, bones, tendons need time to adjust to the stresses of running. Supplement the running with whatever other type of cardio strikes your fancy.

5/27/11 8:59 A

You could - there's no law that says you can't. However, you may see better fat loss and better fitness progress if you mix it up and cross-train.

See, if you do the same workout in the same format for the same time period every day, your body will get used to it because our bodies are always looking for homeostasis. Your body is always looking for a way to save energy, but if you want to get fitter and burn fat you have to burn energy (not save it). So by doing different workouts or switching from one to another, you will prevent your body from getting used to the workouts and will continue to see progress in both your fitness for your runs and your fat loss goals.

Added to that, you need recovery time from cardio just like you need recovery time from weight lifting. So it's smart to alternate one hard exercise day with a lighter exercise day so you can allow your body the recovery time it needs. If you don't, you risk overtraining, injury, and even illness.

So consider alternating your C 2 5K workouts with another form of exercise - swimming, group dance class, cycling, etc.And definitely make sure you are weight training. You will need it not only for fat loss, but to also strengthen your legs for running.

I hope this helps

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5/27/11 8:47 A

I started C25K in the past and made it to w5d1 (*just* missed the 20-minute run!) before I moved and started a different exercise program. I would like to start running again because I really enjoyed it, but I don't want to wait 5 weeks to get back to where I was. I also don't want to skip weeks so I don't miss out on any good training!

Can I run a C25K workout every day? To me, 30 minutes of walk/running daily doesn't seem like overkill to me, even for a beginner runner. What do you think?

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