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Even if the source is listed, we cannot allow those to be shared. The copyright laws make it difficult to allow people to post things that are copyrighted. Companies do scour the internet to see if any of their works are being posted and may contact us to have it removed or to pay them to have it listed. So, we cannot allow copyrighted items to be shared.

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4/15/10 4:59 P

What if she gave credit for the source of the recipe?
AHA and ADA recipes would be good for so many of us.

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4/15/10 10:34 A

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You would need to enter those manually into the recipe calculator. Since those are copyrighted though, you will need to make sure that you do not mark them to be shared. Doing that, it will only list them in your recipe box so that you can access them.

Coach Denise

4/15/10 9:52 A

Hi, I'm new and still learning which is a good thing! I'd like to use some of my old favorite recipes from the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association and add them to my meal planner. Is there an easy way to import them or do I have to manually add them with the Recipe Calculator? Thanks!

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