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10/12/13 7:51 A

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I highly recommend Good Earth Original Sweet and Spicy tea. It has no calories and you can use it o count towards your water total, but it tastes like a dessert.

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10/11/13 5:14 P

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Of course! I drink herbal tea, green tea and the occasional cup of black.

I like to make tea up ahead of time in quart mason jars because it's easier to keep track of that way since they are 4 cups--as long as I drink at least 2 of those a day, I am good.

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10/11/13 1:08 P


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10/11/13 8:56 A

Thank you for your reply

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10/10/13 11:22 P

I was wondering this myself. I drink about a gallon of wylers peach tea per day and count it as water. ?

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10/10/13 10:48 P

If I didn't count my tea (and coffee, for that matter) as part of my 8 cups, I would be wildly overhydrated. FWIW, I do drink my tea and coffee plain, with no milk, cream, or sugar.

10/10/13 8:23 P

yes but better without sugar or any additives

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10/10/13 4:06 P

Can herbal teas be included in your 8 cups a day?

10/10/13 11:56 A

I factor my tea into my water consumed every day.

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10/10/13 9:36 A

I also like plain hot water or hot water with lemon.

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10/10/13 9:06 A

Of course. You cannot change water into "not water" by adding some flavor. Your body still gets hydration from it.

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10/10/13 8:45 A

Does tea count as water? I need a constant hot liquid (on the phone a lot) so I drink well over 8 cups a day.

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