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MARCIAC10 Posts: 5,361
7/22/12 3:04 P

I had the same problem and bought an extra think exercise mat. It's really padded, which helps a lot!

BOB240 SparkPoints: (6,131)
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7/21/12 3:13 P

If you can not do these exercises comfortably on the floor then you shouldn't be doing them at all.

Crunches in particular are a waste of time if you are overweight.Possibly you need to build up more gently. Walking, walking up stairs. squats without weights, press ups against a wall.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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7/21/12 11:58 A

There is no need to get on the floor to exercise. There are plenty of exercises that you can do standing up or sitting in a chair. If you are so heavy and/or out of shape that getting up and off the floor is a big problem for you, then crunches and push-ups should not be a high priority for you. Those exerces don't do a lot to help you get fit or lose weight. Those exercises are focused exercises that build specific muscles.

I suggest you browse the exercise demonstrations here on SparkPeople. They show lots of different exercises that you can do standing up and others that you can do sitting in a chair. Start off by trying some of those -- then move to the floor ONLY if and when you want to.

There are also a lot of standing or sitting exercise routines available on u-tube, other internet sites, and at most public libraries for free. You might also want to explore some of them. And of course, you can purchase exercise videos or DVD's.

My point is that there are lots of good exercise options that are easily accessible that don't involve getting on the floor. If floor work doesn't work for you -- don't get on the floor. Try some of the other options and find something that WILL work for you on a regular basis.

Good luck!

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7/21/12 2:26 A

Where does it say you'll hurt your back???? Aren't you intentionally using gut muscles?
Check this out:

As another poster indicated, there are quite a number of exercises one can do to strengthen the core. -- I like the variety presented in the following book link. (I checked mine out at the local library, and then found a copy at the Goodwill.)

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JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
7/20/12 3:55 P

Doing crunches on the bed runs a high risk of back injury. If you think getting down on the floor is tough now, wait until you try it with a bad back!

Strengthening your core is a really good idea - just don't injure another part of your body in the process.

Actually, if you can do some light walking with GOOD posture you'll find yourself toning your core, strengthening a variety of muscles and (most likely) starting to lose weight and mass so that it will eventually be a lot easier to tackle crunches and other floor work.

Good luck - you CAN do it!

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
7/20/12 1:30 P

I agree with the other posters about getting a stability ball or increase your padding with a towel or something. You shouldn't be doing crunches for too long that you're on the yoga mat for any more like 10 minutes too.

JADOMB SparkPoints: (134,622)
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7/20/12 1:24 P

When I first read this question I thought of the stability ball. But the reason I thought of it was, WHY NOT? I use the stability ball to make other muscles of my body work as I do certain exercises. Wouldn't doing crunches in bed do the same thing? Yes, it is not stable and there is always the chance that could cause injury to some part of your body when trying to do the exercise. But isn't that the same risk we take when using the stability ball? A couple times I didn't quite get set and when I started my exercise with my dumbbells I just about lost it. I could have tweaked something during that sudden shift to correct.

So I don't know if starting out doing crunches in bed is that much different or wouldn't be OK to start with. Otherwise, just get more and/or thicker pads to use on the floor.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,251)
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7/20/12 12:56 P

Oh, I TOTALLY can't believe I didn't think of this.

Stability ball! Get a stability ball, and you can get a good workout. You can actually do TONS of exercises on them (seriously, a bench press on one of these with your body level and your upper back on the ball works your BUTT too!) It's a tool that will grow with you, too; my trainers at the gym use them a lot!

Be sure and check out the related articles at the bottom, too.

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TIME2BLOOM4ME SparkPoints: (0)
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7/20/12 11:59 A

I have done them in bed. It's easier for me. I figure it has to be doing something as I can feel the muscles working and its easier to get out of bed. It's hard for me to get down to the floor.

SALONKITTY SparkPoints: (0)
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7/20/12 11:35 A

I have to agree--you should really be doing crunches on a stable surface (the floor), otherwise other muscles are doing the work that your abs should be doing. You don't have to do crunches to work your abs. Try planks--those work the entire core and are quite challenging. Again, you'd need to do them on the floor, but you won't be on your back or your knees. Best wishes....

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,251)
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7/20/12 11:31 A

I agree, that doesn't sound safe. Can you out down a blanket to lie on?

Although I do need to ask why the crunches... many people believe that doing core exercises will reduce belly fat. You do need core strength, but crunches won't shrink your belly.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (106,271)
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7/20/12 11:25 A

That really doesn't sound like a good idea to me. Floor exercises are meant to be done on a flat, stable surface. I think doing them on your bed could wind up hurting your back, and that's worse than not doing crunches at all!

I found this on youtube for a standing ab workout. Maybe you could start there?

LUV-4-LIFE Posts: 14
7/20/12 10:53 A

I have a big problem with getting on the floor to do things like crunches and pushups. My entire apartment is all hardwood floor, and I bought an exercise mat but its so thin it doesn' t seem to help at all and with my current weight / being so disgustingly out of shape, getting up and down is..... frightening to the point that I am worried about damaging my knees, at least it feels like I'm damaging them when I get down on the floor and try to crawl around into position.

Is it effective to do crunches lying on a bed? Are there other such exercises that can be done as effectively without needing to lay down on a hardwood floor?

Thanks so much for your help in advance.

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