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12/20/12 12:54 P

If your husband likes assertive women---- and the reward structure is right

woo --hoo !!!!!!!!!

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12/17/12 2:56 P

I would stay away from a coach/spouse relationship unless the idea initiates with him.

12/17/12 10:45 A

Try it for two weeks (with or without his permission), if it works keep it up, if not at least you can say you tried.

Most of all, plz let us know how it goes so we help others who may ask this question in the future.


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12/17/12 10:26 A

Did he ask you for this service? If not, sounds like a bad time waiting to happen. If so, I don't see why not. I wouldn't recommend being assertive. He needs to get his own head in the game if you expect this to work.

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12/17/12 9:26 A

I agree, when he is ready, he will get the advice and or training that he needs. Until then, it is not worth it.

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12/16/12 5:40 P

You know him better than we do, does he like taking advice from you or does he think you just nag him? Personally I think that when a person is ready to lose the weight and get into shape then they will seek out help, until then they can be stubborn and want to stick with their old habits no matter how unhealthy they are.

To me it would be along the same lines as working together on a job, not many couples can do that and stay peaceful. If the coaching was coming from someone else then he would at least still have his wife to come home to and complain about the

But you can do little things to help him get into shape, only keeping healthier foods around the house will help. He will still be able to get junk food when he is out but at least it will not be at home when he is eating just because he is bored. Another little thing you can do is more physical activities with him, even walking around the neighborhood after supper or something like that will help. Good Luck

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12/16/12 12:48 P

Big Question: Would any of you guys want your wife to become your loving health and fitness coach? I emphasize the "loving" part. I would not be unkind, mean, or spiteful. That's not me. And my husband knows it.

I have found great success with Sparkpeople....been at goal (128) almost a year. My husband, however, is at least 80 lbs overweight (probably more like 100). My example has NOT rubbed off on him. He has probably gained weight in the time I have lost mine. Anyway, should I become assertive? I want to say this: "I'm going to be your coach. Follow my directions, and you will be fit beyond belief within a year." FYI, I don't bug him about his weight. I love my husband and want him to enjoy the wonderful benefits of eating less and moving more.

Feedback urgently requested!

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