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3/9/13 8:47 A

Yes, I add calcium plus D to my breakfast every day.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,395
3/9/13 7:46 A

I did exactly the same thing as Pookie! Just remember when entering the information, that you want to track the "percentage of your recommended daily allowance" - and the information on the bottle will probably be giving you "milligrams" - so you need to do a little figuring! First you need to know what the RDA is for the various nutrients. I went to my nutrition tracker, "change nutrition goals," and "add a nutrient to track" - from there, Spark will provide you with the RDA for whatever you want to track.

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3/9/13 2:21 A

I personally have added an extra "meal" to my tracker page, called Supplements, as I want them listed separately.

Look at your bottles of vitamins, make personal entries that match your amounts contained in them and then you can easily track on the nutrition tracker.

To add a new section:
Click Track My Food
Scroll to the bottom, there a load of buttons, the bottom one is Add/Edit Extra Meal
Click that, and add a section called whatever you want
Track your vitamins!

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3/8/13 11:15 P

Have been on Calcium and Vitamin D supplements for a while. Of course the Dietary Feedback does not show this and the Nutrition Tracker and Feedback reports I would like to keep for physician. If those supplements can be added to the nutrition tracker will they be reflected in the days total?


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