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6/15/10 4:38 P

Are you cleared to ride a stationary bike yet? That was what I did after knee surgery.

JOCELYNCS Posts: 182
6/15/10 4:29 P

Of course, it goes without saying clear any kind of cardio with your PT first, since he or she will know what kinds of stresses your knees can take, but I second swimming. My knees are giving me trouble with running and walking on pavement, so I've switched to swimming and a little bit of biking.

6/15/10 3:45 P

When I was rehabbing, I did water-running and aerobics. It wasn't really that intense for me, but it was good to hold onto my fitness while I was injured.


BLUVENUS30 Posts: 2
6/15/10 3:40 P

Thanks so much for the ideas. I'll definately look into punching. I'm not quite to the point where I can swim yet. Although, I could possibly swim using upper body only.
You've all been very helpful and given me hope.

And yes, I'm sticking with my diet.

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6/15/10 3:16 P

Swimming is a great way to get cardio

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6/15/10 3:14 P

That's quite correct. Weight loss is all about what you eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy. When it comes to weight loss, nutrition trumps exercise.

However, don't give up walking on those crutches. Walking on crutches is surprizingly effective cardiovascular exercise. I know people who broke their leg and ended up losing weight because they were using crutches to walk. So, keep up the walking with the crutches. It's good for your heart as well as your core strength.

For now, the only economical cardiovascular exercise you can do would be boxing type punches while sitting in the chair. You could also do upper body strength training exercises. It's okay to work your upper body while your lower body heals.

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6/15/10 3:12 P

You could do punches. Left/right cross and jab (like boxing). That can get the heart rate up.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 24,116
6/15/10 3:07 P

Weight loss is 80% nutrition...
so concentrate on tracking your food and staying within your calorie range until you heal.

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BLUVENUS30 Posts: 2
6/15/10 3:00 P

I recently had knee surgery and am currently in physical therapy. I was in a wheelchair for 2 months and unable to walk. I'm finally able to "walk" using crutches but am only able to put 50% weight down on my leg. Anything beyond that sort of activity is out of the question.

I still need to figure out a way to burn calories. Because of physical therapy and some weights at home, I'm able to get some exercise in. However, I need something more to reach my goals and not fall behind anymore than I have.

Ideas! Please!

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