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I got married and separated within a year...I know what an unhappy marriage feels like, but I was the opposite, I didn't want to eat and I barely did. I dropped almost 30lbs mostly due to depression.

I know nothing we say can make it all better, but the words of advice I have for you is to take care of yourself, eat healthy and exercise...even if it's just a walk. Get out of the house and away for a little bit of you time. Try this website, you can get more words from people who may be in a similar situation. It's basically a big forum about marriage.

I wish you all the best and hope things get better for you!

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I'm sorry your having problems with your marriage. but the others are right, eating comfort food will not solve your problems. Have you considered marriage counseling ? If you can't afford therapy, do you have a trusted religious figure (say a priest, pastor, rabbit, etc...) who could mediate for you ? Some houses of worship do have couples counseling. That might be worth a try.

It's difficult to watch a marriage in trouble. What you might try doing instead of turning to food is taking a walk. get some fresh air to help clear you mind. Eating all that food will just make you feel worse later from the guilt. If you're under stress, this is the time you need to do your best to eat as healthfully as you can. Healthy foods will nourish your body and help keep your immune system strong in these difficult times.

Try to take care of yourself as best you can.


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emoticon I understand stress eating but it wont solve your marriage problems. Its best to identify the specific issues and work with your husband to correct them. A marriage counselor, minister or support group can help. Go by yourself if your husband doesn't want to go. You won't want the stress of extra weight from stress eating when your marriage is back to normal.

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I'm sorry. You are worth taking care of. You are worth having a healthy body. Do this for yourself right now. As your body gets healthier hopefully so will your marriage.

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Have you tried therapy... alone or couples?

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My marriage is so incredibly unhappy and all I want to do is eat.

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