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6/13/13 10:02 A

I had been doing good until yesterday June 11, I had gotten stressed out, so there I go binging, I couldn't stop eating. Some days all I can think about is food, nothing but food, I had gotten to the point I ate not because I was hungry, but because I was stressed, depressed, & well, just didn't care. I felt so bad last night, because I knew I had messed up, but today is a new day to do it right. emoticon

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6/13/13 9:22 A

I feel your pain. What you described in the first post about eating bad food cuz its bad, and eating until you're beyond uncomfortably full when you're stressed or in a bad mood is something I've struggled with as well. There have been times I've eaten over 8,000 calories in stuff I could just pull from cupboards, not even meal like food. Massive bowls of cereal, bread with anything on it. You name it, I've binged on it.

I hope those spark articles can possibly help you. Only way I haven't binged in a while is remembering how pissed at myself I was the next day, and having to aim that anger towards something else instead of shoving food down my throat. Good luck with dealing with whatever your trigger is, feel free to message me if you want to talk more as your problem seems very, very similar to mine.

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6/13/13 8:13 A

You could try (I am currently doing this) making a list of ways to deal with stress. I was listening to a Janet Evanovich book yesterday where a character was listing ways to cope with stress: drugs, alcohol, donuts, sex, fried chicken, and I thought I need a list! My personal list starts with hers but goes on to playing with dogs, playing with children, walking, hiking, singing, playing guitar, meditation, praying, reading entertainment only books, learning something new etc. I think you need to make your own list, things that have worked and things to try, put it where you can see it, and try some thing other than eating when dealing with stress. At least, that's what I plan to do with my list. I'm aiming for 100 things on it!

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6/13/13 6:54 A

You've summed it up.
It's definitely emotional eating, rather than hunger.

Hope some of the links provided to you are helpful.
Speak to your medical professional, too.

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6/13/13 3:30 A

You will find many members on SP have this problem.

Below are some links that you may find helpful:

I am sure that you will find some really good tips in there (sorry about the amount of reading, but it MIGHT keep you out of the cupboards and/or fridge for a while :-) Is it possible that you can spend more time in other peoples company?

If you find that you are having a very difficult time putting the theory into practice, then you might benefit from talking with your Dr and asking for a referral to a Therapist who specializes in Eating issues.

Good luck,

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6/13/13 12:47 A

All day today I have been eating to the point that it was painful. Every time I stress out and I am alone I eat everything. I even eat bad food just for the fact that it is bad for me. I hate binging but I keep finding myself doing it. Has anyone else had loss of control like this??


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